This is another very good, clear explanation of some of the issues around government-sanctioned, usually secret interference with the internet. Well worth watching.

In justifications for these ‘interferences‘ (that’s the legal term) with our privacy and other human rights – like freedom of opinion and expression – much is made of the ‘threats’ that we supposedly face. But the perpetual secrecy and lack of notice these government agencies impose is, in my view, damaging to our democracies and damaging to the internet.

I’ve got a lot of time this speaker Amie Stepanovich. I think she’s very good and this presentation is worth your time, if you care about these issues as I do.

Also, here’s a relevant post on the website:
We can’t let governments hack away our human rights

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From the summary of Amie Stepanovich's report 'A Human Rights Response to Government Hacking'

From the summary of Amie Stepanovich’s report ‘A Human Rights Response to Government Hacking’

3 page Summary as PDF on Access Now site