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Using clips of viral video in an election campaign …

This political ad campaign video by German metalworkers’ union IG Metall uses viral YouTube videos to pose policy questions in the run-up to the German elections on 22 September. Angela Merkel’s conservative coalition has a strong lead over Peer Steinbrück’s Social Democrats (SPD) in opinion polls. It’s an idea worthy of Simon Lusk. – P […]

Nice – Positive compilation of Russian dash cams

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Let’s head ’em off at the pass!

Even more on ad-blockers I was reading over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, about a new extension for the Safari web browser which ‘cleans’ a lot of the extraneous material from around You Tube videos. Naturally, I’m not the only one annoyed by the ‘creativity’ You Tube’s owner/operators Google engage to interrupt my viewing pleasure. […]

YouTube Traffic thieves spotted in the wild

Remember my review of Geekversity spruiker Shaun Stenning‘s YouTube Traffic Thieves report… An odious little volume? Apparently news aggregator site (parent of Gizmodo, receivers of stolen iPhone prototypes) recently used one of the dodgy ‘tricks’ promoted by the young guru’s mephitic ‘e-book’ i.e pinching someone else’s video and uploading it to get ‘their’ traffic. […]

YouTube copyright win. For now.

Well, that’s an interesting turn. Looks like the judge has confirmed the rule as: Go ahead, infringe somebody else’s copyright (or provide a platform for doing so), then stop doing it as soon as the aggrieved rights-holder demands you ‘take it down’ and … ‘sweet, bro!’. Hmm, I don’t think I like that. The role […]

Review: An odious little volume

An intriguing document landed in mailbox for my review recently. It appears to be a guide to (supposedly) making money through the internet by adopting ‘blackhat’ techniques used by ‘YouTube Traffic Thieves‘. From appearances, this MAY emanate from spruiker Dean Letfus’s new business partner itinerant salesman and self-proclaimed internet expert Shaun Stenning (or perhaps […]