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Ace communicator or duplicitous spruiker? (VIDEO)

There are certain ‘sales types’ who veer so close to Con artists and scammers that you wonder why the ‘authorities’ don’t shut the lying bastards down. Newly-bankrupt Mark Bryers of Blue Chip seems to fit into that category, judging by some of the material I’ve seen privately and from reports in the media and from […]

“No more lies”

Thank goodness there are still people like this in the world … Bridgecorp staff told to lie to investors, court told By Edward Gay  NZ Herald Monday Feb 15, 2010 A former staff member of failed finance company Bridgecorp has told the court she and her colleagues were told to lie to angry investors who […]

Free Trial Scam!

A friend of mine got caught in this ‘free trial’ scam. Never thought I would EVER get scammed online….but DID! RealFreeSamples – a link on Facebook got me good..have cancelled my credit card but am out by $ annoyed at myself…. That means the fine print says they’ll keep sending you shipments until you jump […]

I hope this site was helpful

A search string someone used recently to find their way to “How many times should I turn a blind eye to dodgy practices before I blow the whistle?” Great question! I hope you found something on this site that was helpful.

Did they jump or were they pushed?

Heads must roll… Fallout from last week’s blinding flash of the obvious, which I described as classic ‘provider capture’. Kneecapper and straightshooter Dame Margaret Bazley found that the Legal Services Agency was being routinely rorted by lawyers and that lawyers were effectively asserting control over the legal aid system. Four resign over scathing legal aid […]

Blinding flash of the obvious

Well, who’da thunk it? Doh! A classic case of Chicago School of Economics ‘public choice theory’ or ‘provider capture’. Read the full story for tales of (shock, horror) crooked lawyers playing the system. (Never!) Breathless reportage from the NZ Herald: A damning review of legal aid says a sea change is needed to fix a […]

Out-of-date records, poor systems… are a CLUE!

There’s a very interesting article on Securities Industry News regarding the out-of-date computer systems used to fleece ‘investment strategist’ Bernard Madoff‘s victims. A highly secret, largely undocumented computer trading system was maintained and “used solely to create and maintain an alternate reality of trades never made.” Short-lived Madoff IT project manager Bob McMahon said “I […]

Daring — if there was no risk it wouldn’t take guts

I like this image for two reasons: One – the graphic design speaks to me. Two – it kind of makes my point: ‘Many saw evil. They dared to stop it.’ I can’t tell you how many people will cheer from the safety of the sidelines, or grumble uselessly about something they perceive as not […]

Is there a ‘whistle blower’ personality type?

It’s emerged that the latest book by economist Gareth Morgan After the Panic is being recalled because there’s “a mistake that must be corrected” (see notice from the publishers here PDF) … a new edition is being readied to replace the first edition (now a collectors’ edition?) This self-styled “straight shooting” book was launched just last month […]