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Window dressing — Time to pay the piper?

I know and respect both of the former cabinet ministers Doug Graham and Bill Jeffries who, it was announced today, will face civil and criminal charges brought to bear by the Securities Commission in relation to the Lombard Finance collapse. There’s no doubt their role as window dressing was an act of ‘exchange’ — they […]

ex-Reporter Helps Convict a Con Man

No, not me. I have Google alerts loaded for all my authors — the search engine automatically sends me an email message with a reference when one of them is mentioned on the internet. So for several years, among the articles, interviews, TV appearances and reviews of my authors, I’ve also been getting alerts about […]

Shaun Stenning: Monkey or Organ Grinder?

The recent flurry of legal threats (well, threats of threats, really) from Australian Geekversity internet marketing ‘guru’ and travelling salesman Shaun Stenning and local property spruiker Dean Letfus seeking to suppress negative comment about their joint activities (and, apparently, really embarrassing photos on Facebook) has got me thinking. Judging by accounts of Shaun Stenning’s unpublicised […]

Smear the messenger! (Groan)

The New York Times has been singled out as “unfair” (ahem) for its coverage of the Pope’s blame/knowledge/involvement in the cover up of serial sex abuser Father Lawrence C Murphy. Here’s how the NYTimes reports on itself … Vatican Official Defends Pope’s Handling of Case 31 March 2010 VATICAN CITY — A top Vatican official […]

No April fool, Dean Letfus claims: “DEFAMATION!”

The Jekyll & Hyde-like transformation of Dean Letfus into Phil Jones continues. Now, apparently, he’s sending half-baked threats of ‘legal action’ to people who point out his, um, inconsistencies … Earlier this week I pointed to lawyer/investor/whistleblower David Whitburn’s blog in which he shared his concerns about the way US tax liens were being sold […]

I heart Rachel Maddow … trying to increase the cost of lying

Remember the full page ad she took out to say it wasn’t true? He’s apparently still saying it is. So, Rachel Maddow let Scott Brown have it straight … You [Senator Brown] made something up that’s not true. You have such a lack of respect for your conservative donor base around the country that you […]

David Frum’s ‘Waterloo’ blog post

— that got him sacked. Just so we can find it easily…. oh, and it’s worth reading! Telling the truth about the ‘divergent interests’ of the Republican leadership and the ‘conservative entertainment industry’ I’ve been on a soapbox for months now about the harm that our overheated talk is doing to us. Yes it […]

OK, so it’s not just priests who seek to cover sin…

The most telling omission in this paper is that the word “fraud” does not appear. But the world knows that the collapse of the financial system had, at its core, the largest financial fraud of all time. That fraud was in the origination, the rating, the underwriting and the issuance of credit default swaps against […]

There’s something about a cover-up that offends us …

God told me to cover sin? Remember this guy: I always seek to “cover” another’s sin. I try and focus on the good in others and hide their faults. It is simply trying to obey several specific bible verses. … Well I had one particular situation where I knew things that were not right and […]

Point and counter point … bottled water

Great example of an exposé of ‘Manufactured Demand’ for bottled water … Followed by a ‘fake journalism’ (complete with ‘noddies’) PR/propaganda fightback by the bottled water manufacturers*…’Good Stewards of the Environment’ How do they keep a straight face? *Let me know what BWM Report could possibly stand for.

What new media needs to learn from old media

COURAGE . What journalism should be: Dogged and fearless Wise words from one of my former editors, Don Rood, reviewing Nothing but the Truth by Anna Politkovskaya on Radio NZ this morning. Yeah! Damn right. Dogged and fearless. To proudly call yourself ‘new media‘ and talk about freedom of speech is good. But recognise that […]

Why ‘legal action’ can be sooo dangerous …

Look at the sort of thing comes out in the wash: For years, Viacom continuously and secretly uploaded its content to YouTube, even while publicly complaining about its presence there. It hired no fewer than 18 different marketing agencies to upload its content to the site. It deliberately “roughed up” the videos to make them […]


I’m reading a version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island to my young son. This neat interchange caught my eye: Soon the Captain waved his hand for silence and we all stopped talking, except for the good doctor, who went on speaking loud and clear. The Captain glared at him and commanded —”Silence below decks!” […]

Erring on the side of ‘simple’

A police investigation into ‘stolen’ or ‘leaked’ emails from the Leader of the Opposition’s office reveals just how slack so-called computer security can be… until we have reason to beef it up. I bet they’re more security-conscious now! “While it is accepted by the experts interviewed that external hacking can never be fully eliminated, ‘hacking’ […]

Where the slippery slope of deception ends …

A scandal is whipping through the internet about a tech reporter/blogger called Randall C. Kennedy who “invented” an alter-ego as an “expert” source for info about a speciality area of computing. He even posed as his fake self when giving interviews to other reporters! Sucker/innocent victim ComputerWorld writer Gregg Keizer reflects on lies and liars […]