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Why are whistleblowers being prosecuted as spies?

Whistleblowers are a ‘check’ on government, corporate or organisational secrecy and malfeasance. I recently read Tim Shipman’s preview of the Chilcot report into the origins of the Tony Blair-led UK engagement in the US’s invasion of Iraq, which looked at the ‘sexed-up dossier’ and manipulation of dodgy so-called intelligence about Sadam Hussein’s alleged Weapons of […]

“Cameron Slater/Whaleoil is a bastard and we’ll do him over.” Reaping what you sow.

By happy coincidence, as I was driving with family to Hunua Falls (above) for a swim and a picnic on Good Friday, I tuned into Radio NZ National in time to hear a panel discussion from a book festival held in Christchurch last year. It featured Guardian reporter and The Snowden Files author Luke Harding, Perth (Australia) […]

Nicky Hager on protecting sources

Investigative journalist and author Nicky Hager was part of the Centre for Investigative Journalism’s recent Logan Symposium … Check out CIJournalism’s YouTube channel for more. Update: If you’re a journalist, don’t miss John Pilger’s blistering presentation on media vs propaganda & news ‘agenda’. An important message. Pilger’s speech notes War by media and the triumph […]

Alexa O’Brien, Amnesty International, testimony to Catalonia Parliament re Chelsea Manning

This testimony by Alexa O’Brien provides a good, compact ‘highlights’ package/history of the treatment whistle-blower Chelsea Manning received at the hands of the US Military judicial system. The video features her speaking with a translator (21 mins) while in the audio below (mp3 10 mins) the translator has been trimmed out. Worth paying attention to, […]

Snowden on intelligence agencies ‘owning’ your smartphone

Here’s a clip from the Brian Williams/NBC interview with Edward Snowden on the vulnerability of smartphones to intelligence agencies … (as we discussed in Oh. The NSA ‘owns’ iPhones (but only if it can get its hands on them, for now). It’s worse than I thought. excerpt: Edward Snowden talks to NBC’s Brian Williams re […]

Burglars or Whistle-blowers? Exposing the FBI’s illegal COINTELPRO … precursors to Snowden.

A fascinating piece of history — eight ‘new left’ activists acting in 1971 to protect the citizenry’s right to dissent … by exposing the FBI’s actions to infiltrate protest groups, spy on all sorts of people opposed to the Vietnam war, and, along the way, to ‘enhance paranoia’. Nice work. Well worth watching at […]

Edward Snowden Christmas message

BBC Channel Channel 4 Alternative Christmas message Praxis films. Audio here:

If you’re thinking you need to speak up …

Check this out … My boy’s team had their last hockey game of the year today (and won, yay). The card is an example of the great encouragement they’ve had from coach Camille. Good on her. – P

The challenge of dealing with a whistle-blower

I referred in this post: Please read this NY Times column — ‘The Banality of Systematic Evil’ to the discomfort that ‘management’ can experience — and the poor decisions they can make as a result — when someone in their organisation highlights wrongdoing. Remember?: “… an accountant was dismissed because he insisted on reporting “irregular payments, […]

Please read this NY Times column — ‘The Banality of Systematic Evil’

Goodness me, I just want to quote the whole thing! Gah! Please, if you care about these issues of whistle-blowing and state surveillance (as I do) go and read this article by Peter Ludlow, a professor of philosophy at Northwestern University writing in the NY Times: The Banality of Systemic Evil … In a June […]

“In the end the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers … It is afraid of an informed, angry public …”

via the WikiLeaks website: Statement from Edward Snowden in Moscow Monday July 1, 21:40 UTC One week ago I left Hong Kong after it became clear that my freedom and safety were under threat for revealing the truth. My continued liberty has been owed to the efforts of friends new and old, family, and others […]

‘I am Bradley Manning’ video

‘It’s time to stop the war on whistle-blowers.’

Unmissable video of NSA Whistleblower Ed Snowden. Seriously, WATCH THIS.

Here’s Glenn Greenwald’s NSA whistle-blower source. Watch this very impressive, courageous man explain his motives. Must see. Really. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: ‘I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things’ – VIDEO The Guardian Boy! Guts combined with a relentlessly rational laying out of the issues that confront democracy and […]

‘Sometimes the inner evil is so great that I have to shout loudly’

From 12 Questions: Bruce Sheppard by Sarah Stuart in the NZ Herald today: 6. Who taught you cynicism? Better question would be what, and that is simple – time and experience. Not much is what it seems, and the world has been spun to hopelessly complex levels for what appear to be very limited useful […]

Howick Deputy Chair Adele White speaks up: Tells Chairman Michael Williams his failure to properly address his recent drink-driving conviction and his manipulative bullying is damaging the Howick Local Board’s reputation

Deputy chair of the Howick Local Board Adele White addressed the disgraced chairman Michael Williams at the Board meeting last night [11 March]. Ms White, famously in these parts, stared down an attempt by the chairman to remove her as Deputy on flimsy grounds see: Bunfight at Howick Local Board. With her permission, these are […]