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I hope next week’s anti-government protest doesn’t get as entrenched as the last one

I’ve been thinking about that 23 day protest at Parliament earlier this year, in the light of the Stuff Circuit ‘Fire and Fury’ documentary (highly recommended) and recent promotion by religious spruiker Brian Tamaki, and others, of another march to Parliament Grounds planned for next week. This one, apparently, promises mock “People’s trials” on the […]

Watch the Stuff Circuit doco ‘Fire and Fury’ on the ghastly, cynical disinformation campaign aiming to make the country “ungovernable” – oh, and to raise funds

What kind of political activists incite fear and alarm, set a goal to make their country “ungovernable”, milk their followers for funds, then encourage them to stand for local government posts – but tell them to conceal their affiliations for the sake of attracting votes from the ignorant? The sleazy, in my view dangerous, certainly […]