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Getting news from Twitter

Too good to let slip past … *laughs* *cries* Thanks @jessokfine – P

Not a bad looking logo

I like good graphic design. I pay for it on the books and other projects we publish because I think it adds something valuable. See the communication tag here at The Paepae for a few random examples of graphics that have taken my fancy. This logo (below) an Android Twitter app called Falcon Pro, appeals to […]

Why you should follow @onThePaepae on Twitter

Just a shameless plug. Follow us (@onThePaepae) on Twitter for even more eclectic goodness, like this example … [View the story “Conversation with @onThePaepae and @GCSBIntercepts” on Storify] See? It’s not all doom, gloom, outrage and smashed iPhone pix. – P

Birth of Twitter (video)

Worth thinking about: People think of it as an app. They think of it as a service. Really it’s a community, it’s a network of endpoints, and people that are always listening for … The Paepae is on Twitter: @onThePaepae I still think news reports that describe a surge of activity on Twitter as if […]


I swear every word of this is true. A couple of days ago I tweeted a link about a ‘Blogger whose poos don’t smell …’ … referring to my post that day about [update:] recent tactics of the VFC anti-MMP campaign … Well, today after I picked him up from school, my son and I […]

Is eavesdropping on Twitter really news?

Oh dear. Here’s a snap from the NZ Herald online this morning: Don’t bother reading them. So some people are having a Twitter conversation about an encounter between a rugby player and a (shock: blonde!) woman in a pub, and three days ago a comedian cracked a joke on Twitter about German transport efficiency which, […]

Start spamming young…

Now, look, I know Twitter meant this image as a joke … … but the line “I’m a 7 year old SEO GURU!” just soooo reminded me of the Geekversity Instant Expert Shaun Stenning so breathlessly promoted by down-on-their-luck ‘property experts‘. I needed to visit Twitter’s how to respond to spammy mentions page after I […]

Yes, you are accountable for your words… but even more so for your actions.

Some interesting, contradictory, discussion about the role of social media in news journalism… we’ll have to get our heads around the issues with this stuff, by the look of things. This appeared in my Twitter timeline (ahem, feel free to follow @onthepaepae) this morning: … having been promptly re-tweeted by a number of journos I […]

Is this how Shaun Stenning’s victims bite back?

Wow. At the risk of being terminally self-referencing, I just became aware of a campaign to retweet links to the mammoth comment thread here on about the refund movement aimed at Shaun Stenning’s twalk and snipr internet marketing schemes and Dollar Rose ‘investments’ (see Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request for a refund?) […]

Welcome to the mainstream, social media (like, again)

You may remember I quoted from a matrimonial settlement that addressed Facebook accounts and statements thereon as part of the divorce … Facebook’s tentacles now part of divorce settlements! Well, The Guardian is reporting that the family division of the courts in the UK has now joined the fray, in response to online speculation about […]

OK. So some impersonation is acceptable, even useful

I know I sometimes rail against online impersonation and sock-puppets being used for foul and dishonest purposes (case in point: Anonymous comment vs IMPERSONATION and yesterday’s post about Aaron Barr of HBGary Federal‘s dastardly scheme.) But there are exceptions (besides Fake Steve Jobs). From The Atlantic‘s Alexis Madrigal: Revealing the Man Behind @MayorEmanuel Feb 28 […]

Stating the Obvious 2: On Twitter, Followers don’t equal influence

Thanks to intrepid research reported by the Harvard Business Review, we can now point to something that supports common sense: the number of followers of a Tweeter is largely meaningless It also alerts us to the (some would say) cynical ‘sell pans to the gold miners’ approach some ‘operators’ use to make money by promising […]

I continue to find Twitter such a fascinating laboratory

I continue to find Twitter such a fascinating laboratory. It’s like fast-forwarding time, like those speeded up hot-house films, and exaggerating the human condition, in so many ways. Trends, memes, flame wars … cool! The sheer number of eyeballs involved (naturally) draws the whole spectrum of homosapiens — from the Valley Girl celebrity culture to […]

Oh, this is funny…

Poor Simon Edhouse. If this isn’t viral yet, it will be. IMO. “If deal goes ahead there will be some good money in it for you.” — How many times have publishing and design professionals heard this line? “The project I am working on will be more successful than twitter within a year. When I […]

Microsoft helping ‘de-list’ news sites from Google?

Wow. Can this be the future? Microsoft paying News sites to BLOCK their content from Google? (… while, presumably, allowing it to show up on MS Bing)? OK, it’s still just a rumour. Here’s the CNN story and this quote from Lance Ulanoff in PC Mag‘s “online news ice age” what-are-they-thinking?’ reaction — which resonates […]