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Politics is a full contact sport — but there are limits

“This is a contact sport, politics. You can’t complain about being attacked.”  — Bill Clinton. He was probably quoting former US Senator Alan Simpson, who famously used the phrase ‘Politics is a contact sport’ in his 2002 Peltason lecture, and ever since, invoking it to describe his good mate Teddy Kennedy… Politics is a contact […]

Why do you think we call it a struggle?

I referred earlier this week in ‘Words that may not be spoken‘ to what I see as a subversive, long-running and concerted political campaign which aims to suppress Maori culture in Howick, Auckland, where I live. That’s how I see it. I’ll explain why. Along with the rest of New Zealand, we’ve just had local […]

Words that may not be spoken

Last week I wrote to the local Howick & Pakuranga Times about a long-running local issue of importance to me and my family. I was intrigued by some of the deletions and alterations in the resulting published Letter to the editor. See what you think: My family and I fully support the moves to rebuild the […]

Mortality. Leave a legacy.

My family and I attended Malcolm Smith’s funeral in Howick today. Chances are you don’t know who Malcolm was. Don’t worry, he wasn’t famous or a celebrity but boy, was he a good man, and boy, did he contribute to his local community. Malcolm was one of those quietly strong, ethical people who make the […]