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Taylor Swift NOT entertaining misogyny, even for laughs

I saw this on Graham Norton’s show last night and was impressed with Taylor Swift’s deft ‘warning’ to comedian John Cleese … to not engage in comic misogyny – not even as a joke. Good on her. Here’s a short clip of the show. Watch as Taylor Swift considers her response to Cleese’s sexist tease. […]

Taylor Swift at the Grammys

This girl has got it. (And what a production number!) Note for the Flash-less: A (sadly, much lower quality) video clip of the performance is available here at YouTube. – P

Taylor Swift — self-aware, not self-absorbed megastar

I love the self-awareness this very talented singer/songwriter/megastar Taylor Swift displays with such apparent ease. (Of course she’s wildly talented and works hard.) She makes me smile. UPDATE: Watch the video at YouTube here. (Thanks to AK for the tip.) And an entertaining behind-the-scenes/making-of clip: