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Stephen Fry on language pedants

Prompted by some discussion about Chris Finlayson’s style guide. See: Finlayson embarks on jargon jihad . Thanks to @philiplyth for reminding me of this most excellent Stephen Fry clip. Obviously, as an editor and publisher, I’m all for the use of ‘house’ stylesheets & style guides — mainly for consistency, and also, I admit, in pursuit […]

Stephen Fry on the joys of swearing

I agree with this: “The kind of people who say swearing is the sign of a poor vocabulary, usually have a pretty poor vocabulary themselves.” — Stephen Fry. That said, I’ve seen the real ‘shock’ effect an outburst of hot, emphatic ‘foul’ language can have on people, including kids — but it’s the intent and tone, […]

Whew, touchy little twittersphere, huh?

Tweetness and light as Fry ends Twitter spat Monday Nov 02, 2009 by Tom Peck The Independent Stephen Fry has apologised over a Twitter tiff that saw him threaten to quit the microblogging service. Even by the speedy pace of life in the twittersphere, it was one of the shortest break-ups in history. After being […]

Today’s ‘Word of mouth’

Credibility, celebrity and their effects… Stephen Fry, whose Twitter followers now number 770,000, recently spiked sales in a book he liked… A book of short stories has leaped up Amazon’s book charts to become second only to Dan Brown after Stephen Fry endorsed it on his Twitter feed. Early today (10th September), the actor told […]