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New media – it’s not about being impartial

There’s a sad, kid-with-his-nose-pressed-up-against-the-glass yearning in much of the whiny ‘commentary’ about how social media has ‘attacked’ mainstream media, and how MSM ‘hates’ or doesn’t ‘get’ social media. Bloggers from Cameron Slater to Martyn Bradbury agree on the sad state of MSM compared to … er, … their blogs. A lot of it is, as […]

Is eavesdropping on Twitter really news?

Oh dear. Here’s a snap from the NZ Herald online this morning: Don’t bother reading them. So some people are having a Twitter conversation about an encounter between a rugby player and a (shock: blonde!) woman in a pub, and three days ago a comedian cracked a joke on Twitter about German transport efficiency which, […]

Feedback from Cameron Slater: ‘gay’

Oops. I mentioned blogger Cameron Slater peripherally in my post yesterday about what I see as the dubious anti-MMP marketing operation (for which he is clearly acting as a conduit and echo chamber). I don’t think Cam liked my comparing his blog to a free-flowing bowel or characterising his republishing the anti-MMP slanted attack ads […]

Is Bernard Hickey channeling the Cybermen?

As someone who has occasionally (ahem) run foul of ‘Moderation policies’ at a discussion forum (don’t get me started) I was bemused when I noticed this interaction (below) on I don’t know or care what the anonymous/pseudonymous poster wrote. It must have been blinkin’ bad to raise the ire of the normally fairly laissez-faire […]

Google’s ‘circles’ model for social networks

Google’s ‘plus’ (Google+) although only in trial, has two things right: (1) not all social media ‘friends’ are created equal, and (2) Facebook makes it too hard to filter your FB connections to deal with that reality. So, in another effort to leverage/operate in the social media ‘space’, they’re pushing Google+ … +Circles: share what […]

Yes, you are accountable for your words… but even more so for your actions.

Some interesting, contradictory, discussion about the role of social media in news journalism… we’ll have to get our heads around the issues with this stuff, by the look of things. This appeared in my Twitter timeline (ahem, feel free to follow @onthepaepae) this morning: … having been promptly re-tweeted by a number of journos I […]

With one swift blow, Kate knocked the wind out of the duplicitous toady …

Nice to see conservative blogger Cactus Kate calling conservative blogger David Farrar for being a National Party mouthpiece the other day … Labour’s argument goes a little something like this. Their core voters are married couples with two kids earning say $50,000. In the House today Labour bombarded the National Party with examples of such […]

Is this how Shaun Stenning’s victims bite back?

Wow. At the risk of being terminally self-referencing, I just became aware of a campaign to retweet links to the mammoth comment thread here on about the refund movement aimed at Shaun Stenning’s twalk and snipr internet marketing schemes and Dollar Rose ‘investments’ (see Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request for a refund?) […]

Welcome to the mainstream, social media (like, again)

You may remember I quoted from a matrimonial settlement that addressed Facebook accounts and statements thereon as part of the divorce … Facebook’s tentacles now part of divorce settlements! Well, The Guardian is reporting that the family division of the courts in the UK has now joined the fray, in response to online speculation about […]

More than one way to screw your own online reputation

Like many others I’m following ‘personal development guru’ James Arthur Ray’s manslaughter trial in Arizona, and one of the best ways to do that is reading The Salty Droid’s very colourful and determined coverage. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a local (i.e. New Zealand) blogger whom I have met online, corresponded with and […]

Values and virtues – it’s worth stating them

I spotted these ‘Five Values’, below, on my visit to Radio Live’s website to pay my respects to the lovely Kerry Smith. Despite the label, they’re not really values in the sense of virtues. They’re more like policies, really (e.g. ‘post using your real name only, do not use ‘Caps Lock’) but I appreciated reading […]

Thoughts about authenticity – Sean Wood and Steve Goodey enterprises

It strikes me as ironic that the banner ads on PropertyTalk (the site I celebrated and linked to yesterday) now appear to feature ex-Richmastery property spruikers Sean Wood and Steve Goodey in their latest incarnation. Er, yuck. These two wide boys, graduates of (spat out of?) the Phil Jones charm school, have apparently divorced their […]

A nice fresh look for PropertyTalk

My pals at PropertyTalk have just released their upgraded new look — I like it! Fresh, clean, friendly. Good on them. Even with the money-making ads* showing, it’s good:

Some thoughts about new media values

Former CNN anchor Aaron Brown had some harsh words for his successor, Anderson Cooper, in an interview with TVNewser. … Referring to Cooper’s famous segment, he said, “I know the difference between journalism and a slogan. ‘Keeping them honest’ is a slogan.” — Huffington Post Now that’s pretty harsh, as the nameless writer at Huffington Post acknowledged […]

Salty Droid – consumer watchdog blog

Here’s a simple mission statement which rings some bells for me and ‘Consumer watchdog blog’. I read it in this declaration to the Federal Trade Commission [PDF 1.6MB] by the editor of — whom I observe to be a fearless castigator of spruikers and online con artists. I recommend this site whole-heartedly, as […]