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So, Circle app, this is your INTRODUCTION to me? Being sneaky with my friend’s contacts? Are you serious?

So, I got a text this morning …

Facebook. le sigh.

Facebook is getting rid of a privacy feature that let users limit who can find them on the social network. Facebook Inc said on Thursday (local time) that it was removing a setting that controlled whether users could be found when people type their name into the website’s search bar. Facebook said only a single-digit […]

Free speech does not mean consequence-free speech

From the comments stream following an article by Mathew Ingram Public shaming and free speech: Why the rush to attack Pax Dickinson makes me nervous (worth a read): Um? Pax Dickinson is free to say whatever he likes. And when his free speech potentially exposes his employers to legal ramifications of that speech, they are […]

What a great stencil!

From All Things Digital, illustrating an article about patent trolls. FTC Plans Patent Troll Probe. (Dedicated to Craig.)

The dark side of social media

Someone called me a troll yesterday. Well, he worked up to it. First I was said to “have clear troll like tendencies”, then later, as we discussed my criticisms of how he operates some more, out it came: “You are a troll”. Mm-bokay. (Suffice to say, that’s not how I see what I do.) Which […]

Quantifying stalkers

We’ve talked before about my negative view of fake social media profiles and sock puppets, and how I think impersonation of someone (whether well-known or just pretending to be a real person other than yourself) is unacceptable. See: Spoofing David Fisher and Anonymous comment vs IMPERSONATION It’s one thing to consistently use an internet ‘handle’, […]

Co-ordinated social media warfare? Say it ain’t so!

Ha! What looks like a co-ordinated campaign to damage a brand via social media ‘influencers’ has been exposed because one of the shills FORGOT TO ERASE HIS INSTRUCTIONS! (Hahaha!): Prominent Weibo Users Paid to Bash Apple? Introducing China’s ’820 Party’ Of course that could never happen here, eh? {snort} Weeeell … Engagement without declaring a […]

Facebook as ‘digiphrenia’ or technology that misrepresents us

From a good article ‘Why I’m quitting Facebook’ by Douglas Rushkoff at CNN: … Facebook is just such a technology. It does things on our behalf when we’re not even there. It actively misrepresents us to our friends, and worse misrepresents those who have befriended us to still others. To enable this dysfunctional situation — […]

Would this policy stop impostors and sock puppets … or just cripple Twitter?

No masks I noticed a comments policy at the foot of a fascinating, sad article on Frontline about Nancy Lanza: Raising Adam Lanza (worth a read). As we’ve discussed recently, there’s a ‘cabal’ or two of impostors pretending to be other people for whatever various disclosed and undisclosed reasons (see Spoofing David Fisher and The […]

The dissatisfying hollowness of @BarnsleyBill, Russell Beaumont’s internet impostor

We’ve talked about sock puppets before, most recently in the context of someone maliciously impersonating journalist David Fisher on Twitter. In my limited experience, often such bogus people have commercial reasons for not disclosing their identities, or pretending to be someone else in ‘discussion’ (cough) on the internet. One of the most striking I observed […]

This disgusting ad from the NRA is *meant* to offend us.

Nasty piece of work from the NRA. An abusive, half-thought-out propaganda hatchet job on President Obama disgracefully using the spectre of someone attacking his daughters. The idiocy of calling the first black man elected as president of the USA ‘just another elitist hypocrite’ is breath-taking — even for racist RWNJs like them: (See UPDATE below.) […]

How anonymous commenters see themselves

… and how others see them … Essential viewing from Thank You Hater! – by Clever Pie and Isabel Fay   – P Not aimed at anyone here, clearly.

Over-sharing? #kishi

link I have, once, posted a Facebook status that described a ‘best-sandwich-ever’ … but please believe me, it was ironic, and a way to let my friends and family know I was visiting Wellington and had already found my way to a local favourite good food hangout, viz: The Gypsy Café. That’s all. Truly. (It […]

Birth of Twitter (video)

Worth thinking about: People think of it as an app. They think of it as a service. Really it’s a community, it’s a network of endpoints, and people that are always listening for … The Paepae is on Twitter: @onThePaepae I still think news reports that describe a surge of activity on Twitter as if […]

“Instead, we gave them a Facebook page …”

The Onion does it again… this time lambasting social media experts…* Using Social Media To Cover For Lack Of Original Thought – Onion Talks Fabulous! via @CateOwen – P * Oh, and TED Talks.