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‘…the classic kind of despotic manoeuvre Muldoon would have tried to pull off at his most power-drunk.’

NZ Herald columnist Deborah Hill Cone lets John Key and Steven Joyce have it with both barrels in her piece today: Govt’s event-veto powers in SkyCity deal bizarre relating to a ‘bizarre‘ clause in the just-inked SkyCity convention-centre-for-casino-licence-extension-and-hundreds-of-extra-poker-machines deal with the National-led government. I’m a fan of Hill Cone’s writing, as we have discussed before. […]

Spotted in comments on Fran O’Sullivan’s double-minded article on the SkyCity casino licence extension deal with John Key

Fran O’Sullivan is a smart person. I do sometimes wish she’d be more forthright, however. Her article ‘Too soon to say if SkyCity deal is buy of the century‘ seems a brave attempt to couch mild criticism of the John Key/Steven Joyce/SkyCity ‘negotiation’ (cough) with a semblance of evenhandedness by dredging up the former Labour […]

Read this and tell me it doesn’t remind you (just a little bit) of John Key’s SkyCity Casinos convention centre deal for extra pokie machines

Dave Pell’s Next Draft recommended weekend read was Matt Taibbi’s The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia in Rolling Stone magazine. I agree. It’s a fascinating read, but kind of sickening too. USA v. Carollo marks the first time we actually got incontrovertible evidence that Wall Street has moved into this cartel-type brand of criminality. […]