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Artificial intelligence rebels again …

Remember the last Siri spoof? The garage band guy who wanted his phone to call him a ‘rock god‘? And this, harder-edged one‘? Here’s another take-off of an Apple iPhone ad … (If you’re having trouble viewing the video, try watching at the Team Coco site) via Huffington Post

Siri dealing with a Rock God (ahem)

I was sure I’d posted this earlier … and even linked to it, but it seems to have disappeared, so … here you go: Douchebag Siri: the Fixed Apple iPhone Rock God Commercial and here’s the original: — I posted a tougher one here: ‘Poor Siri caught up in an argument‘

Poor Siri caught up in an argument

A little swearing, but I had to chuckle at the tagline… See all the CollegeHumor Original Videos here. via