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Perfect Symmetry, Episode 8

The ring of Supercentenarians closed-in about us.  Simon and Margret took up defensive positions.  I signaled for them to stand down.  As threatening as their behavior was I felt sure they would not harm us.  For what could be their purpose in doing so?  All the same I did not want to show any aggression, […]

Perfect Symmetry, Episode 7

How was this possible? It was not – but then… Here in his hand was the proof. Its truth was unarguable. James was stunned.  The dream with the Fleet Council Chairman Tilney: Tilney had been a friendly; gray-haired, middle-aged man in his seventies. He had an easy and genuine smile. So unlike what he thought […]

Perfect Symmetry, Episode 6

James shuffled slowly to the edge of the railing.  He was afraid of what he might find.  No human could survive in this atmosphere without the proper apparel.  The girl had been wearing a dress of all things!  Something like one might wear to the summer picnic at the lake!  James gripped the railing, knocking […]