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OK, so it’s not just priests who seek to cover sin…

The most telling omission in this paper is that the word “fraud” does not appear. But the world knows that the collapse of the financial system had, at its core, the largest financial fraud of all time. That fraud was in the origination, the rating, the underwriting and the issuance of credit default swaps against […]

“No more lies”

Thank goodness there are still people like this in the world … Bridgecorp staff told to lie to investors, court told By Edward Gay  NZ Herald Monday Feb 15, 2010 A former staff member of failed finance company Bridgecorp has told the court she and her colleagues were told to lie to angry investors who […]

Free Trial Scam!

A friend of mine got caught in this ‘free trial’ scam. Never thought I would EVER get scammed online….but DID! RealFreeSamples – a link on Facebook got me good..have cancelled my credit card but am out by $ annoyed at myself…. That means the fine print says they’ll keep sending you shipments until you jump […]

Did they jump or were they pushed?

Heads must roll… Fallout from last week’s blinding flash of the obvious, which I described as classic ‘provider capture’. Kneecapper and straightshooter Dame Margaret Bazley found that the Legal Services Agency was being routinely rorted by lawyers and that lawyers were effectively asserting control over the legal aid system. Four resign over scathing legal aid […]

Blinding flash of the obvious

Well, who’da thunk it? Doh! A classic case of Chicago School of Economics ‘public choice theory’ or ‘provider capture’. Read the full story for tales of (shock, horror) crooked lawyers playing the system. (Never!) Breathless reportage from the NZ Herald: A damning review of legal aid says a sea change is needed to fix a […]

Domain renewal skulduggery? Or scam?

I got an email out of the blue yesterday reminding me that a domain name we maintain for one of my authors Olly Newland was due to expire and needed renewing. The email looked like this: Note the expiry date: 2009-10-04. Following the conveniently-provided link (“If you wish to continue using your domain name please […]