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Mocking Bill O’Reilly – such a juicy target

Recently on Fox News, Mr-Exception-that-proves-the-rule Shep Smith may have been (-subtly-) taking the mickey out of Bill O’Reilly over his infamous “We’ll do it live!” meltdown… But for my money, by far the funniest spoof of O’Reilly going thermonuclear was the crew’s “Bill O’Reilly’s Producer (Unseen footage)” — watch: (warning: some blue language) From […]

Nice writing on a smear campaign

MSNBC took out a full-page ad in Friday’s Boston Globe for a ‘letter’ from their talk show host Rachel Maddow to her fellow Massachusetts citizens. This was a response to Senator Scott Brown’s claims (in an effort to raise money, apparently) that she is planning a run against him in 2012. Her letter contains some […]

Now Attack ads?

This fantastic spoof of a political attack ad just works. Excellent! Like Fake Steve Jobs, it’s brilliant satire — all with the ‘aim’ of getting 37Signals’ new book REWORK ahead of Karl Rove’s Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight on the best-seller lists. I love the sunrise and the uplifting music […]

On the wall of honour … Fake Steve Jobs on Google

So good, I had to plonk it here: One of my heroes, Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons)… China to Google: Drop dead Minister of Information Technology says Google must obey the laws or leave, and China doesn’t give a crap because they’ll be just fine without Google. (Especially since they apparently can waltz into Google’s […]