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Just between us

I am, of course, a fully paid up member of the Vast Yet Peculiarly Secret Left Wing News Media & Trade Union Conspiracy to Deprive Cameron Slater of Free Speech* although I can’t get to all the weekly meetings. Still, the VYPSLWNM&TUCTDCSOFS monthly newsletters produced by the bright young interns in the research department are […]

“We love surveillance”

On the day it’s announced that Ian Fletcher is to depart from the GCSB, a few thoughts about surveillance … British PM David Cameron is already making the appropriate noises … nicely framed by John Gruber at And, for context, here’s Mr Fletcher’s rather soothing speech to the 2014 Privacy Forum …

Dirty Politics: John Key confesses to secret relationship with campaign worker

In the aftermath of the National Party’s emphatic re-election to lead a coalition government in New Zealand, surprisingly little has been made of Party Leader John Key’s confession to a secret relationship. It was contact John Key admitted he was warned not to engage in. “I was told not to … I know I shouldn’t […]

“Sleazy gutter politics is not my style” by @imperatorfish

Oh, you must* read this wonderful spoof by Scott Yorke: A statement from John Palino Nice. A highlight (for me): “Your decision to talk to Cameron Slater disappoints me, and no good will come of it. If I were you I would just forget about the whole thing. Move on with your life, and try […]

Unspeakably good satire about a serious matter

Ben Uffindell of The Civilian blog is seen as our latest Bright Young Thing of political satire — and rightly so. With his delightful mimicry of the ‘voice’ of news reporting (much like The Onion, although he’ll perhaps be tiring of that comparison) Ben manages to produce satire that is so soaked in verisimilitude that […]

How to be News Reporter

No point in hiding from this stuff: (warning: some salty language) In the wake of all the errors made in covering the Boston Marathon bombings, someone decided to show what it really takes to be a news reporter. — @evmoneyTV He’s wrong about the pay. – P From the fabulous via Mathew Ingram

“Less apps, more apples.” What a lovely spoof.

Wonderful! “Single core, dual core” did it for me. via Gizmodo – P

Skincare secrets of the hard to live with

Well, if it’s good enough for my favourite right wing vixens (see My favourite right wing vixens branch out) … it’s good enough for me. Here’s a shot of my skin care products … still wet from their use just now this morning. The three speed motorised vibrating shaver might be something the girls wish […]

Must read: Sympathy for the Plutocrat

Wonderful! Sympathy for the Plutocrat By Nick Hanauer Reuters It’s great to be what you people are now calling a plutocrat. I know. I am one. We plutocrats live incredible lives, surrounded by luxury and insulated from risk and discomfort. Things have gone very well for us over the last several years. Since George Bush […]

Read this and tell me it doesn’t remind you (just a little bit) of John Key’s SkyCity Casinos convention centre deal for extra pokie machines

Dave Pell’s Next Draft recommended weekend read was Matt Taibbi’s The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia in Rolling Stone magazine. I agree. It’s a fascinating read, but kind of sickening too. USA v. Carollo marks the first time we actually got incontrovertible evidence that Wall Street has moved into this cartel-type brand of criminality. […]

Trust us …

No further comment necessary. – P

An obituary for Facts

Read and enjoy: Rex Huppke’s Facts, 360 B.C. – A.D. 2012 – an obituary. To the shock of most sentient beings, Facts died Wednesday, April 18, after a long battle for relevancy with the 24-hour news cycle, blogs and the Internet. Though few expected Facts to pull out of its years-long downward spiral, the official […]

Leave John Key Alone

Oh dear. Now he’s a subject of piteous mockery. (I assume.) Whoever ‘runawaywithgypsies‘ is, I’m sure Cameron will have the number plates of their motorcycles up on his website days before the NZ Herald. – P

Security footage of a burglary?

Authorities have released an image from security camera footage of one of the [alleged] perpetrators of an electoral ‘dirty-deal’ sealed in Auckland yesterday. Anyone with knowledge of the incident, carried out in front of about 40 journalists* and cameramen, should um … well, they should, er … gee … well, what can they do? * […]

Whale Oil truth FAIL? A note to the Standards Committee

Ms Spanish Bride Standards Committee Whale Oil website Dear Spanish, Thank you for your correspondence of 15 October received yesterday ‘Hypocrite, your name is Peter’ which followed my requests for True Blogger Cameron Slater to advance a single shred of evidence for his allegations of ‘illegal’ campaign advertising and ‘vandalism’ which I quote below. In […]