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Good intent

I had my phone playing songs in alphabetical order on this morning’s loooong walk around the coast, thinking about aspects of online and public reputation … when this cool song, Good Intent by Kimbra (from her album Vows) played. – P PS Another version of the song here as a comment on my post Let […]

Public versus private forgiveness. And unforgiveness.

It’s been a while since we’ve discussed forgiveness here, although this post, “Do I believe in the forgiveness of sin?” and this one, Remembering Karla are never far from me … especially when I consider what I’ve learned and observed about the toxic effects of ‘harbouring’ unforgiveness. Last night I read of journalist/blogger/writer Andrew Sullivan’s […]

Accountants promoting internet get-rich-quick? Good grief.

We briefly discussed fool’s gold last week … do any readers of recognise this name: WORLD INTERNET SUMMIT? I seem to recall Shaun Stenning and his overblown and ill-fated snipr and twalk schemes were hyperbolically promoted at something like this? (See how that worked out here: Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request […]