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Try not to make it personal

Note: I wrote this post in March 2012, but it felt just too raw to post it then — too soon, as they say. So it languished, forgotten in my ‘drafts’ until today, when I searched for a reference to Andrew Sullivan at a White House dinner for my reply to Lucia Maria’s comment on […]

Trying to pin a ‘con artist’ tag on Teflon John Key. Yeah, good luck with that.

I heard the NZ Prime Minister John Key (right) waxing lyrical about the (according to him) ‘rort’ that was the Opposition’s Stop Asset Sales petition. If I hadn’t known better I’d have said Mr Key was a glass or two off being refused wine service himself. His response seemed a politically desperate overreaction to news […]

So, what would get you marching in the streets?

Political activism is carried out for all sorts of reasons, by all sorts of people, in a variety of guises. The 1981 Springbok Rugby Tour divided families, households, workplaces … and the nation. Our current Prime Minister John Key “can’t even remember” whether he was for or against the tour, or the anti-Apartheid civil disobedience […]

Evoking the spectre of external threat to justify spying on your citizens

The NZ prime minister has evoked ‘Reds under the bed’ style threats to national security to justify extending the already broad powers of the nation’s spy agencies, and aiding co-operation between them. Read the paragraph below and tell me it’s not redolent of the vacuous and deceitful ‘sexed-up dossier’ that Tony Blair used to justify […]

Why pussyfoot around?

From a (quite sharp) Canadian public health/awareness campaign. Dark. Here’s a compilation of Top 40+ Creative Ads Made to Stop You Smoking including this one: – P

Gower on ‘Teflon John’ Key

Quite a good column — readable, at least — from 3News’ Patrick Gower on the narrative that he’s been promoting lately: that NZ Prime Minister ‘Teflon John’ Key has regained his ‘vice-like grip on the centre voter’. It’s not the first time, of course, the ‘Teflon’ label has been used referring to Mr Key. But […]

Samsung’s walk in the park

Daniel Eran Dilger is a ranter — but a ranter who builds a persuasive case by (often sarcastically) citing facts, history and numbers. I have a lot of time for him. I appreciate his attention span. This very dense paragraph (below) is from one of his wonderful takedowns — in this case of a pliant business press […]

So who CAN afford a house?

It can be good to challenge assumptions. Here’s an article by my pal (and fellow investor and author) Andrew King, president of the NZ Property Investors Federation. Andrew examines the subject of the ‘Housing Affordability Crisis’ — a contentious political issue at present — and finds it mislabelled. According to him it’s more a ‘Housing Expectation […]

Pick a theory to fit your paranoid fantasy

I stumbled across a lovely term yesterday … fantasy precincts … in a Robert Shrum article R.I.P Mitt Romney … “The media has debunked the fiction, which was borrowed from the fantasy precincts of the rightwing blogs.” Then, today, saw that Mother Jones has, rather wonderfully, put this summary of anti-Obama fantasies together …

Obama and Romney: Two men, two visions

Here are the two parts of a BBC documentary about the US election, and the ‘tectonic plates’ of the partisanship being played out, which featured on the World Service this week. It’s instructive to hear an explanation for the death of public consensus, the rapid rise of the right wing extreme (and its effect on […]

Lying liars

Wow. Trying to be as big a liar as their candidate? … Florida Republican Volunteer Tells Senior Citizens: Obama Is A ‘Muslim’ Who Will ‘Get Rid Of Your Medicare’ “Well think really hard, you all sound like senior citizens, right? …. Yea, you don’t want Obama, you don’t want Obama because he’ll get rid of […]

Colin Craig’s Conservatives targeting Pakuranga’s Maurice Williamson

I’ve got no criticism of this, just noting that as a voter registered in the Pakuranga electorate I received this political advertising from Colin Craig’s Conservative Party a day or two ago. It targets local National MP Maurice Williamson personally, by name and photo, with a quote of Maurice comparing gay marriage to marrying your […]

Flacks will always try this on. Resist.

The New York Times reports in a vaguely-nauseating article ‘Latest Word on the Trail? I Take It Back‘ on the increasing use of ‘quote approval’ by the US presidential campaigns as a condition of interviews with people associated with the campaigns. I’ve never agreed to that request when asked by ‘newsmakers’ at all levels, or […]

Negative campaigning

There’s a fantastic article about negative campaigning in this month’s New York magazine… Frank Rich: Nuke ’Em Why negative advertisements are powerful, essential, and sometimes (see “Daisy”) even artistic. It includes this distinction, which touches on some of the discussion we’ve had here earlier about political activists like Cameron Slater purporting to be ‘media’ when […]

Deploying his establishment charms

Andrew Gimson, writing in The Guardian, displays a decent, honourable amount of cynicism (in my opinion) describing the efforts British Tory PM David Cameron exerted to try to ‘hose down’ his obviously-cosy-to-the-point-of-symbiotic relationship with News International’s Rebekah Brooks standing in for Murdoch. Her text (SMS message) with words to the effect of ‘professionally we’re in […]