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Another deceitful photoshop fail

One more in my occasional series highlighting Photoshop deceit… this time showing the unreality of distorting body images using Photoshop — i.e. bulking up Justin Bieber. via @caffiene_addict Of course, as previously noted, women generally get slimmed down …  

Spoofing the use of Photoshop to distort the reality of women’s bodies in ads

I spotted this wonderful ‘defacement’ of a fashion billboard image (in Germany?) It looks like the activists have pasted on a Photoshop toolbar. How wry. Given our discussions before about the use of Photoshop to create impossible-to-attain ‘role models’ (bleurgh) and the negative effects on women and girls of such distortions, it’s good to see […]

Astonishing use of Photoshop to bend reality (John Key edition – episode 2)

Remember this?: …well I thought that was amazing use of Photoshop. But look at THIS: Astonishing! The image appeared in my Twitter stream. I don’t know who the artist is. (If you do, drop me a line in comments below or at this address, and I’ll update it.) In an effort to locate its provenance, […]

Rights, rights, everywhere, but not a drop to drink

From this morning’s NZ Herald editorial about the National-led government’s political machinations around heading off court action by Maori against its flagship asset sales policy*: ‘Too clever’ risk in Govt shares plan Crown lawyers have acknowledged that pre-colonial iwi and hapu had customary control of rivers and streams in their area and those rights were […]

I can see Pakistan from my house. Security clearance? You betcha!

Oh, boy, those White House photographers must have an ultra-plus-plus security clearance, huh?  Here’s Pete Souza’s pic of the gang watching the Osama Bin Laden ‘kill or capture’ mission LIVE-as-it-happens … just like TV show 24 only the body count is real. Imagine being there. UPDATE: Spoofed by NZ Herald cartoonist Rod Emmerson UPDATE 2: Hillary Clinton […]

Not THAT kind of PC

Another difference. Does else anyone remember the little scandal-ette (BBC report) that erupted when Microsoft was shown to have erased a black man from a photo (except for his HAND) before using the image in Poland? Well, here’s Apple (putting their best foot forward) channelling Michael Jackson’s Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White … […]

Even more deceitful photoshopping

You may (or may not) recall my posts ‘More deceitful photoshopping‘ and ‘Re-touching to the point of distortion‘ which sought to highlight the distortion of ideas and images of modern-day ‘beauty’ — thus setting an unattainable target for young women wanting to groom themselves to be ‘better looking’. (Jenna Marbles’s ‘How to trick people into […]

More deceitful photoshopping

Ok I promise not to go on about this re-touching bizzo too much, but Gee Whizz, it’s so awful that Photoshop is being used to make girls and women feel inferior to fashion models that don’t even exist. Another disgraceful display from Ann Taylor — a brand I have no respect for based on this […]

Why not say it with style?

Here’s a funny and pointed video making a series of good points stemming from the unrealistic, unattainable ‘beauty’ images young women are presented with every day … and the ‘deception’ effect of make-up. How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking is a good-hearted (be warned: foul-mouthed) ‘tutorial’ for young women by Jenna Marbles […]

Re-touching to the point of distortion

From an eye-opening Dove soap commercial. Kudos to them! Watch it happen in high speed stop-motion below the fold.