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Uncertainty vs certainty. Growing out of old beliefs.

“Doubt is uncomfortable, certainty is ridiculous.” — attributed to Voltaire It can be useful and enlightening now and then to try seeing the world (or an issue, at least) from someone else’s point of view — a bit like taking a car for the proverbial “spin ’round the block to see how she handles”. Donald […]

When listing achievements, always use the third person …

One of my heroes was Peter McWilliams who taught me so much about life in general, and publishing in particular (along with my pal Roger Steele, on both counts). In 1991, Peter McWilliams published a terrifically practical and instructive book on publishing — Self-Publishing, Self-Taught … which he sold for US$95 — and that price point […]

Shame, not shock

I wish I could express the same shock and astonishment at the allegations of sexual coercion by the leader of a religious sect that Destiny Church’s Bishop Brian Tamaki does (“Sex claim against mate stuns Bishop Tamaki”). Like many others I’m sure, the news that a persuasive ‘spiritual’ figure is being accused of multiple cases […]