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Winston Peters Kelston speech

I heard comeback kid Winston Peters complaining today that his ‘clear as daylight’ Kelston speech hasn’t been adequately reported in the media. Here’s a copy of the speech notes that I had at the event (with my scribbled notes on the last few pages). I filed reports from the venue on what I saw as […]

Teflon John Key under pressure over tape

Politics is all about responding to emergencies — and I don’t mean a container ship grounding itself on a reef. From the NZ Herald’s John Armstrong today: John Key insists there is nothing on the secret tape of his “cup of tea” conversation with John Banks to cause him the slightest bother. If so, why […]

Winston Peters – comeback kid? Again?

I said this about Winston Peters in A voice in the wilderness? Or reclaiming the Grey Power mantle? in April: This man has come back from the dead before. (Just sayin’.) Don’t underestimate his political instincts and populism. Since then, Peters has continued to cause a ‘disturbance in the Force’ and ruffled a few feathers […]