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Oh boy. Michael Lewis on Obama

One of my favourite authors Michael Lewis, had the assignment and the opportunity to trail President Obama for eight months (including access to the White House) for one of his LOOOONG Vanity Fair pieces … excerpts here. Worth a read. The full article will only be in the printed edition, I think. (UPDATE: Link in […]

‘If you tell a lie often enough you’ll start to believe it…’

More from Michael Lewis on the success of Dr Michael Burry… Includes this: [Big finance firms selling sub-prime instruments] create lots of risk. The only way you get that risk out there and get people to take it is to disguise it. So they got really good at disguising the risk and they got so […]

Live by the ethical assumptions of your market – or change your soul?

Liars Poker and The Big Short author Michael Lewis responds to the SEC’s fraud charges against Goldman Sachs on Bloomberg … The Bond Market Will Never Be The Same After Goldman First para: If you happen to be sitting on the Goldman Sachs bond-trading floor life must feel horribly unfair. You did nothing worse than […]

The truth is disturbing. Who is paying attention?

Fantastic article and video of 60 Minutes on Michael Lewis Wall St meltdown here. “I’m afraid that our culture will come to the conclusion, ’cause it’s always the easy conclusion, that everybody was just a bunch of criminals. I think the story is much more interesting than that. I think it’s a story of mass […]

Asperger’s. Of course. Are we surprised?

Michael Lewis takes an unexpected corner in this excellent book extract about the bursting of the (US) subprime bubble. From his new book The Big Short (they’re ALL very good, from Liar’s Poker onwards), this chapter Betting on the Blind Side is about a gutsy, insightful fund manager called Michael Burry. This extract at Vanity […]