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Hollow Man Matthew Hooton recites his creed

Featuring extensive quotes from National Party sources, Nicky Hager’s The Hollow Men: A study in the politics of deception exposed and excoriated a cynical, deceptive team of politicians, spin doctors, professional deceivers and behind-the-scenes, shadowy political donors seeking political influence and ‘policy for sale’ — some of whom, judging by results, are still very much […]

Matthew Hooton and the exquisite agony of being a paid shill

I’ve referred to spin doctor Matthew Hooton before — I positively delight in the shabby transparency of his gums-for-hire faux agitprop and the way he marshals an argument. He’s almost always accessible, usually very much in control of himself, except when overtaken by passion or appetite of some sort, and well, I find him just […]

A rich Green comedy performance from Matthew Hooton

STAND UP COMIC Matthew Hooton — he works part-time as a political commentator — had me howling, breathless with laughter at his latest comedy routine on RadioLIVE earlier in the week. Under the deeply ironic title of ‘The Political Panel’, talkback radio hosts Willie Jackson and John Tamihere sometimes give a platform to budding comedians […]

With one swift blow, Kate knocked the wind out of the duplicitous toady …

Nice to see conservative blogger Cactus Kate calling conservative blogger David Farrar for being a National Party mouthpiece the other day … Labour’s argument goes a little something like this. Their core voters are married couples with two kids earning say $50,000. In the House today Labour bombarded the National Party with examples of such […]