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Piercing the veil. Why I think Martyn is a bully.

A couple of years ago, in a post ‘Bradbury: Martyr or moderated troll?‘, I declared this about Martyn Bradbury: Let me be clear about my own opinion of Martyn: I think he is a sloganeering polemicist. He is also, in my personal opinion, a devious smear artist who hysterically espouses extraordinary anti-democratic ‘positions’, [see On a collision course] […]

Bradbury: Martyr or moderated troll?

There’s been a reflexive kerfuffle about hard-left attack dog Martyn Bradbury being told his services will no longer be required as a ‘political commentator’ by NZ public radio after he read a billious scripted rant on a recent ‘discussion panel’. Let me be clear about my own opinion of Martyn: I think he is a […]

Storm the barricades, brothers and sisters!

The zeal of advocacy practiced by some in ‘new media’ is striking at times for an apparent lack of fair-mindedness. In some cases, it seems pretty clear an overt political campaign resembling trench warfare is being run under the guise of ‘news filtering’ or ‘commentary’ or blogging, among other things. Of course, mainstream media isn’t […]

SIS boss’s slow resignation letter + Slater says enuf!

Media wannabe Martyn ‘bomber’ Bradbury, twisting on the spit of his own sour double-mindedness appeared yesterday to pour scorn and contempt on his Right wing foil, blogger Cameron Slater: ” … to think that the SIS would hand papers like that over to Slater of all people is unbelievable.” and “It is an incredible thing […]

In praise of Cameron Slater (yeah, I’m surprised too)

If you’d suggested to me a year ago that I would be writing an article in praise of ‘WhaleOil’ blogger Cameron Slater I would have laughed at you. Hard. Yet, here I am doing just that. Let me explain. We’ve discussed these issues before: responding to criticism or negative feedback about one’s actions or statements, […]

On a collision course

I briefly mentioned in passing the small c ‘controversy’ generated by blogger Martyn ‘Bomber’ Bradbury loudly expressing his opinion about whether or not blogger Cactus Kate (Cathy Odgers) was suitable ACT MP candidate material. ‘Hell no’ Bradbury says (or words to that effect) because he says she’s a ‘far right hate merchant’ who has previously […]