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Xero. Things that make you go ‘Hmmm…’

It can’t be just me that reads a line like this … It’s been less than three weeks since Xero’s valuation passed through the $3 billion mark. [Now it’s $4 billion] … and thinks, Hmm. Bubble-ish? I’ve got no insider or any other knowledge of the Xero company nor do I own any shares in […]

‘Space gray’? Where have I heard that before? Oh, yes.

Apple has announced a new iPhone model — discontinuing mine in the process. (Does that make it a collectors item? Yep.) The new iPhone 5S comes in three colours: Silver, Gold, and Black, er,  Slate, er, ‘Space Gray‘. What? I knew I’d heard that colour description before … Ah. Stickin’ with the top end marketing programme […]

It’s approaching double entendre, and, yeah, made me chuckle.

I spotted this advertising display at the foot of an escalator today. Nuthin’ exploitative about that. (Seriously.) Good on Serena Williams. – P

So … I guess this means there must be ‘unfair’ trade bananas?

As I have disclosed here before, I am a pretty shallow person. Like most of us, I’m taken up most of the time with matters in my own circles of concern and influence. (Apologies to Stephen Covey.) So, until I saw these bananas (above) on my kitchen bench today, it had never occurred to me […]

Subliminal messages

So, what messages is this law firm sending by having such an expansive “reception area”? Looks expensive, huh? (It’s just me sitting here at the moment.) – P

Perception vs reality

He wasn’t the first to say it, but he was the first I heard say it, and he said it with such passion. Then Prime Minister1 Geoffrey Palmer, whose book Unbridled Power? was one of the texts I’d studied in politics at Victoria University, said, with feeling: “In politics, perception becomes reality.” — The Right […]

Speak up to save a life. (It may be your own.)

Here’s the link to the It Can Wait documentary

Yet another beautiful model with the geek glasses

Remember I mentioned in ‘Trying to make Google’s glasses look glamourous‘ how the strategy seemed to be: Juxtapose beautiful women with the Google Glass in hopes for a bit of glamour rub off? Yeah, that. – P

John Key’s changing narrative on al-Qaeda threat in NZ

PM justifies spy bill: Kiwis trained by al-Qaeda NZ Herald 1 August 2013 Kiwi with al Qaeda links ‘no threat’ NZ Herald 31 August 2011 Yeah, this can pretty much be seen in the context we discussed on Saturday: Justifying mass surveillance with ‘terror threat’ is a right wing talking point. Also interesting: SIS spying […]

Trying to make Google’s glasses look glamourous

I had to chuckle when I spotted a request online for a picture of someone ‘attractive’ wearing Google’s somewhat creepy wearable spy camera/computer — then saw the request responded to with this picture from Google’s original marketing material (i.e. a posed professional model): She’s gorgeous, no question. But, of course, she’s being paid for her […]

Shearer on Shearer — on Radio NZ’s Focus on Politics

I listen to a couple of Radio NZ podcasts fairly religiously each week: Mediawatch and Focus on Politics. The latest (Friday’s) helping of Focus on Politics featured a good-length interview with Labour Party leader David Shearer by RNZ political editor Brent Edwards. I found it interesting, and noted it was far from the um-er stammering […]

William Shakespeare’s ‘Star Wars’ {snort}

Watch the trailer: 

Two comedians speak up against animal testing

The ACT Party’s sole MP John Banks faced mockery and disrespect for his stand against animal testing in recent Parliamentary debate about amendments to the Psychoactive Substances Bill. Some people questioned his sanity or his social policy ‘priorities’. That’s a pretty harsh assessment, I thought when I heard it, but fair enough. Fair comment. A […]

A old joke with a new twist cites @PeterDunneMP

Spotted in East Tamaki today: Nice reference to United Future Party’s re-registration woes and Peter Dunne’s recent … er … elevated public profile. Smart advertising. – P PS the reverse side is a reference to Tony Soprano!

Do you find John Key’s case for expanding the powers of the GCSB convincing?

Courtesy of the NZ Herald, Key: Cyber attacks, espionage targeting NZ Do you find that clearly-scripted (by whom?) statement convincing? Because it seems the New Zealand Law Society (hardly a bunch of far-left conspiracy theorists) doesn’t appear to: Here’s the New Zealand Law Society’s view: Summary 3 The Bill changes the Government Communications Security Bureau […]