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iPad — ‘pure innovation’

Mac geek Andy Ihnatko calls the Apple iPad ‘pure innovation, one of best computers ever’. Read his review at Chicago Sun-Times. Oh boy! Stephen Fry’s eloquent, gushy iPad/Steve Jobs piece in TIME is good too, and I had the same thing occur to me as his last line: One melancholy thought occurs as my fingers […]

How is THIS good for the TRUMP brand?

Somebody tell me how selling the pie-in-the-sky, one-chance-in-nine-million New Zealand Lotto draw enhances The Donald or his brand … Please.

Branding writ large

This is the fifth-most-photographed building in New York, the 28th worldwide: the Apple Store 5th Avenue New York City. Well, it IS cool. Inside and out. On my first visit it was just starting to rain and Apple Store staff were fitting special rubber covers to the glass steps on the spiral staircase. The shopping […]

The truth is disturbing. Who is paying attention?

Fantastic article and video of 60 Minutes on Michael Lewis Wall St meltdown here. “I’m afraid that our culture will come to the conclusion, ’cause it’s always the easy conclusion, that everybody was just a bunch of criminals. I think the story is much more interesting than that. I think it’s a story of mass […]

Murdoch: It’s not old media versus new media …

… it’s about how the content is produced and who is paying for it.” Paraphrase: “Google do not have the right to scrape our very expensively produced content if we want to stop them.” I see content scraped from news sites and reproduced in its entirety on discussion forums and blogs — with a credit […]

It’s up to every single one of us …

Sometimes we think it’s up to other people… but I say, ask: ‘What can I do?’ Big issue or small, near or far, scary or comfortable, don’t duck for cover: ‘What can I do?’ (Thanks to AK for the tip and Asperger’s poster boy ‘Sheldon’ (Jim Parsons) for being so … flexible.)

Ad-supported site … or ‘supporting’ the advertisers? A case study.

An interesting debate is rumblng about the use of Ad-blockers on web browsers… Ars Technica’s Ken Fisher laid out his case “Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love” including this section which got me thinking: My argument is simple: blocking ads can be devastating to the sites you love. I am not […]

The rise (and fall) of the value of online advertising

Following a report on Apple boss Steve Jobs pitiching the iPad distribution channel to NY newspaper chiefs… The highlighted bit (see below) about online advertising space being (a) infinite in supply and therefore (b) valueless accords with my thinking (although I am not a genius, nor all that experienced). I’ve done some online advertising and […]

Building trust — through deceit?

There’s a ‘phoniness’ that plagues the internet. (Peter Steiner’s famous 1993 cartoon “On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog” has become axiomatic). Wikipedia suffers a scandal when it’s exposed that some phoney posing as a ‘learned academic’ has been pasting content into the wiki — which, I guess, compared to the fake surgeons that pop […]

A day with the Rich Dad team

I had the luxury of spending time with the good-hearted folk heading up the Rich Dad franchise over the weekend. An old friend of mine Kelly Ritchie is the franchisor for Robert & Kim Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad company, and he was in New Zealand — briefly — to conduct a training for the local franchisees […]

Where’s the substance? – Cool ad.

A very clever bit of marketing with a serious message about ‘authenticity’ — one of my bugbears.