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New single from Kimbra

I like virtually everything this young artist delivers, as we have discussed. I could even see the (cough) good side of her ‘More than a bum’ soft sell video mockumentary ad for Wrangler jeans. Here’s her latest …

“I don’t wanna be caught in your social machine”

I like Kimbra, as we’ve discussed. (That’s why she’s got a tag: Kimbra.) She’s a smart, talented, no doubt hard-working artist and performer who writes songs that are deeper than your average pop earworm. I’ve had this one, ‘Posse’, from her album Vows (which I bought on release) in my ears on some thinking walks […]

Good intent

I had my phone playing songs in alphabetical order on this morning’s loooong walk around the coast, thinking about aspects of online and public reputation … when this cool song, Good Intent by Kimbra (from her album Vows) played. – P PS Another version of the song here as a comment on my post Let […]

Learning from Mat Honan’s disaster (Apple & me)

I mentioned that I’d taken a lesson from fellow geek Mat Honan’s experience getting hacked and, temporarily albeit expensively, having his personal data remotely wiped (shudder) from his MacBook Air when hackers compromised his Apple ID (read all about it at Mat’s blog). So, I did not enable ‘Find my Mac’ on my new MacBook […]

So emotionally real

I’m really impressed with the emotional honesty and fairness of this song by Gotye featuring Kiwi songstress on the rise Kimbra. Terrific. And what a beautifully directed and shot video!

Congratulations Kimbra

I spotted this artist as ‘one to watch’ a while back — sparking minor eye-rolls from my teenage daughter at my positive comments. But she admits I spotted The Tings Tings too, and Mark Ronson. Yeah, I’m a pop-culture genius. (Just put my Horlicks down over there, thanks Matron.) Anyway, good on Kimbra. She’s just […]