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Kieran Trass: “I was lied to by ‘locusts’ ”

Judging by his latest informercial/newsletter, Property Guru/Property Genie Kieran Trass is not a happy camper … in fact he now says he ‘strongly regrets’ his involvement in a Spruiker Express-type seminar, presumably NZ Property Gurus which we discussed here earlier this year. It’s an interesting read, as you’ll see. I’ve left this extensive quote out […]

Kieran Trass: last week ‘property guru’, this week ‘property genie’

Landing in my in-box this afternoon … A promotion for an upcoming ‘not another property seminar’ with Kieran Trass, fresh from his stint at the NZ Property Guru’s [sic] hard-sell roadshow … Starring Kieran Trass as ‘The Property Investment Genie’. Well! Knowing Kieran as I do, I might have plumped for a different imaginary magical […]