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Suppressing free speech and editing Wikipedia. Is that why we pay taxes, Mrs Collins?

This blog post (below) from Roger Brooking gives me the creeps. Go and have a read and see what you think. Judith Collins’ staff editing wikipedia articles on justice issues in NZ? I’ll wait. Interesting, huh? Not so much for the [alleged] revelation that someone from Justice minister Judith Collins’ office tried to influence who […]

Our heroes are personal

Here are Judith Collins’ comments marking the death, at 87, of Margaret Thatcher. Good on her for laying out her thoughts and beliefs like this. Yes, some might see them as polarised and polarising. But they’re worth a read and convey an insight. Today, my facebook page will be devoted to Margaret Thatcher. I well […]

Judith Collins promotes her tame attack blogger

In a cold, lonely world, it’s good to know there are some things you can rely on. Like the visceral partisan loyalty of National Party attack blogger Cameron Slater. Cameron demonstrates his earnest support for his pick for next leader of the National Party: Papakura MP Judith Collins. Strictly speaking, Ms Collins is only his […]

Judith Collins “breaching natural justice” in Bain case

Yeah, I thought it would come to this. Bain takes High Court action against Collins – NZ Herald David Bain has filed a High Court claim against Justice Minister Judith Collins seeking a judicial review of her actions since she received the Justice Binnie report last August. The claim includes allegations Ms Collins has breached […]

Ha! Who would be a politician, huh?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the proverb goes. It seems it’s the same, too, with perceptions of political ‘performance’. (Whatever that slippery term means.) This week, I made a judgement about Justice Minister Judith Collins and her handling of the Bain compensation report. See Current affairs through partisan filters. David Bain […]

Current affairs through partisan filters. David Bain in limbo.

It’s been intriguing to watch the messy political debate in New Zealand about the findings of the independent inquiry, conducted by an internationally respected justice, into the case for compensation for wrongful imprisonment of David Bain. I personally, largely ignorantly, thought David Bain was the killer of his family. A jury convicted him. But then […]

*Chuckle* @JudithCollinsMP in an apron. (But what an apron!)

  @JudithCollinsMP has the self-confidence to carry this off. Respec’. I say good on her. (Apparently it’s a cow shed safety apron.) I wonder how others see it? – P PS Nasty, hateful comments will be deleted, so leave them out.