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Dick move Macworld. Really.

This article wafted across my browser … Really? I thought Leaked images? That sounds intriguing … but it’s not till you get to the bottom of the 1300 word ‘article’ (cough) that you read: “There are no leaked images of iOS 8 yet, but as soon as we see them, we’ll share them with you […]

Be prepared to bleed

I spotted this line in an Esquire interview with Glenn Greenwald … If you’re gonna challenge people in power, you have to be ready to be attacked in effective ways. That’s the nature of power. If they couldn’t do that to you, they wouldn’t be powerful. Yeah, but I mean, of course it’s not easy. […]

Dumb headline apart, this exchange between Keller & Greenwald on journalism is a great read

A seriously good read. Go ahead: Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News? — We come at journalism from different traditions. I’ve spent a life working at newspapers that put a premium on aggressive but impartial reporting, that expect reporters and editors to keep their opinions to themselves unless they relocate (as I have […]

The self-parody of calling someone ELSE ‘sanctimonious’

Look, let me be very clear about this, as I have said in another context: ‘The left are so sanctimonious’ — is virtually a self-parodying remark, if you possess the self-awareness to perceive it. God knows, there are plenty of times I’ve been accused of being sanctimonious* and of ‘pontificating’ (amazingly, usually by people who […]

Putting a name to Patrick Gower’s um, mischief-making

No Big Deal, but it was interesting to see how Patrick Gower described his own actions: The TV3 political journo seems to excite tremendous personal criticism every now and then — from various sides — for his attempts to ‘beat up’ or (as his critics allege) to create a story. (Quelle horreur!) Left-wingers who whinge […]

Because I like and respect John Armstrong

I’ve learned that in the ongoing parasitic relationship between politicians and the news media (some call it symbiotic, but meh) certain actors on both sides overestimate their importance. But not John Armstrong. Read John’s column from the Weekend Herald: Government betrayal on a monumental scale. What he says about ‘the democratic fabric being ripped asunder’ […]

An important article by Andrea Vance & some thoughts about democracy in NZ

Seriously, read this: Spy scandal journalist speaks out Maybe I’m ‘conflicted’, since I’ve worked in the press gallery — back when it was where it should be: in the corridor on the 2nd floor of Parliament Buildings, a short stroll from the actual Parliamentary Press Gallery. I’ve used the swipe-cards, used the Parliamentary Service-provided phone […]

With respect, Mr Key, you misjudge me.

In an interview broadcast on state broadcaster (well, for now) TVNZ’s Q&A current affairs programme this morning, John Key characterised New Zealanders who’ve expressed dissent about his GCSB Bill, and specifically the thousands of us who took part in protest rallies throughout the country yesterday, as “either politically aligned or misinformed“. Listen to this 20 […]

Another stab at big-O objective journalism/media

He’s wonderful, huh? Go and read the whole thing at Maria Popova’s site. I was a fan a Hunter S. Thompson long before I got into journalism — I read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas while I was still at high school, back in the days when I was listening to Pink Floyd’s album Meddle […]

The Press Gallery thinks it’s sooo #badass …

Here’s to the knuckleheads.* Affectionately, – P * Yeah, I bought the T-shirt. 🙂 Top pic: Scott Griessel bottom: Universal Studios

Amanda Palmer is a genius! (‘Dear Daily Mail’ song)

I like/love Amanda Palmer. You already know that if you read my post: The gutsy Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking (TED). Here’s her answer to the Daily Mail‘s consistent misogyny. Unmissable, but perhaps NSFW: Genius. And courageous. What a great human being, and media critic, she is. Hooray. – P Lyrics: (via pastebin) Dear […]

Plain sailing?

Pretty sharp cartoon from Emmerson in today’s NZ Herald: But last night’s Campbell Live report on the GCSB bill featuring an international observer* expressing astonishment at the Key Administration ‘kissing the feet’ of Washington DC, tells a different story. Watch it: Dissecting the GCSB bill The team Campbell Live is doing a sterling job … […]

How to be News Reporter

No point in hiding from this stuff: (warning: some salty language) In the wake of all the errors made in covering the Boston Marathon bombings, someone decided to show what it really takes to be a news reporter. — @evmoneyTV He’s wrong about the pay. – P From the fabulous via Mathew Ingram

‘Any extreme is the wrong place to be.’

I saw this interchange on Twitter today (that doesn’t make it ‘news’) and agreed with the conclusions. Having myself just said to a commenter here: It’s foolish to judge a ‘side’ by its extremists, as I’m sure you agree. A beehive staffer I follow on Twitter reported her Minister received an “Email from the NZ […]

Good on the NZ Herald for this

I appreciate the NZ Herald‘s use of an EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING flag on a court story with graphic details. Very sensible. Gives readers fair warning … and choice. Bravo. – P