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Entering the ‘monolithic, exclusionary, activist liberal media’ lion’s den

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Good Morning Real America Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog The Daily Show on Facebook “Oooh, [Sarah Palin is] ‘infiltrating’ the Today Show. I think it means [Palin] is cynically exploiting a manufactured notion of herself as a crusader […]

Jon Stewart on Fox News – Is this Crossfire Part 2?

This year’s version of Jon Stewart’s intelligent, robust examination of clichéd, reactive, shallow, artificially partisan media and, to a certain extent, a dollop of intellectual humiliation for its players (Think Crossfire’s Tucker Carlson in particular) occurred on Sunday. Heralded with headlines like “Jon Stewart Eviscerates Fox News On Fox News“, “Stewart in the Lion’s Den” […]

Self-inflicted wounds

Hey. Remember my post Lying, my dear boy, just compounds the crime …? This whole ‘Congressman tweets picture of private parts’ hullaballoo proves the truth of it, huh? Oh boy. A journalist I follow on Twitter, Glenn Greenwald, asked the question: What % of those pushing the view that “any online sexual activity is newsworthy” […]

That was ‘not intended to be a factual statement’

Spin doctors for this nincompoop junior senator from Arizona Jon Kyl afterwards excused his blatantly false statement (Abortions are ‘90%’ of what Planned Parenthood does — actually 3%) on the Senate floor with a line: ‘That was not intended to be a factual statement’. Oh boy. Nutty. Which, of course, rightly, is like candy to […]

Nice bit of work. He shoots, he scores!

I’d heard that Fox News’s photogenic and intelligent host Megyn Kelly (who I have before observed deny reality) categorically denied that Fox News carries pundits and commentators using Nazi rhetoric to hammer political opponents (which we sometimes refer to here as Godwin’s Law). Maybe she’s talking about a different Fox News? Here’s Jon Stewart, playfully […]

An insane order of priorities …

Once again, Jon Stewart uses his platform — on Comedy Central (!!) — to sound a call for reason and justice and fair treatment. Watch as he castigates the Republican senators (and their mealy-mouthed supporters) for filibustering on the 9/11 First Responders’ medical benefits bill while whistling ‘tax cuts for the rich’ through an easy […]

Jon Stewart’s closing remarks at the ‘Rally to Restore Sanity’

I was impressed with this (I’ve left it out of blockquote to help readability. It’s all Jon Stewart, including his description of the media as a “24-hour, political pundit perpetual panic conflictinator”): “And now I thought we might have a moment, however brief, for some sincerity. If that’s okay — I know that there are […]

What a great comment!

I just had to share this neat little story. How cool. As text below the fold

There’s sometimes a price for HOW you state your opinions

No, actually, I’m not talking about Paul Henry. Over the weekend CNN anchor host Rick Sanchez was fired after a misguided book promo/radio show appearance turned into a rant where he accused The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart of being a ‘bigot’ towards Hispanics, of working with the ‘north east liberal elite’ to keep ‘people like Rick’ […]

Eight in a row!

I celebrated last week Jim Parsons winning an Emmy for his role as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. Cool. This news that Jon Stewart and The Daily  Show won an EIGHTH Emmy for Best Variety Show somehow slipped past me. That brilliant, vital show deserves them all. Dumb sentence of the week award goes to […]

Take no prisoners

The canonization (OK, not really. He’s not dead!) of Jon Stewart — America’s most trusted newscaster — continues. I rate Stewart very highly indeed, which should go without saying, but hey, let me say it. His recent whack at Pres. Barack Obama’s underwhelming primetime televised oval office speech about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill sparked an […]

Even more convergence

OK this is getting spooky. After Dilbert climbed into the G4 iPhone prototype theft, now Jon Stewart has also … “buying” for the sake of his commentary the idea that Apple has the Silicon Valley police SWAT team in its pocket. And coining the term ‘Appholes’. Zing! Watch the full 8 min video clip at […]

Absolutely brilliant!

Jon Stewart responds to Bernie Goldberg’s response to Jon Stewart calling Fox News out on their terrible hypocrisy in rather colourful terms … I know that I criticize you and Fox News a lot, but only because you’re truly a terrible, cynical, disingenuous news organization. — Jon Stewart. Watch video at Calling Fox News […]