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Homemade space program

Nice project by Luke Geissbühler and son Max, as reported by NY Mag … from my ‘reading’ of the video, I think the iPhone was used to track his ‘space capsule’, but the video itself was taken with a different (unspecified) bit of kit — not the iPhone, despite the report. In a burst of science-is-fun […]

That’s not a bad camera on your phone, buddy…

Photographer Pete Belanger used an iPhone 4 to take his cover shot of … an iPhone 4. Read all about it at his blog. There’s a photojournalism maxim: ‘Q: What’s the best camera? A: The one you have with you.’ With one of these in your pocket, well, not bad… Thanks to John Gruber (again).

Not a bad ‘hands-on’ review of the iPhone 4

New iPhone 4 – the verdict is in By Stephen Fenech, National Technology Writer The Daily Telegraph (AUSTRALIA) July 30, 2010 WE’VE heard a lot about the iPhone 4 ahead of its launch in Australia today – and not all of it has been good. I knew it would be impossible to review Apple’s new […]

“If you don’t want an iPhone 4 …”

OK, it’s unofficial(?) Apple PR, but as well as being entertaining (always a plus) Jonathan Mann’s song is also a nice serving of ‘Let’s keep this in perspective‘. “The media loves a failure in a string of successes / the facts won’t ever matter if they can make their bigger messes/ sure I can make […]

Looking good … design is almost everything

Oh boy. They’ve made obsolete their own product … which was, if you ask me, the ‘secret’ of their success with the iPod: never resting on their own laurels, always pressing forward.

What ‘letting it slide’ can cost you

From a review of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ appearance at a recent tech Q&A: Jobs acknowledged that the next-generation iPhone photographed by Gizmodo was circulating as a part of the normal testing of wireless products. “To make a wireless product work well you need to test it. You have to carry them outside. One of […]

iPhone thief’s accomplice stashes evidence at church(!) plus Gizmodo’s shameful blackmail …

So a judge has unsealed the evidence supporting the search warrant on [alleged] receiver of stolen G4 iPhone Gizmodo ‘editor’ Jason Chen who paid Brian Hogan thousands of dollars for the ‘lost’ prototype … and, as well as a pretty incriminating narrative of events, buried in it was a lovely line about ‘consciousness of guilt’ […]

Damage control re 4G iPhone: NOT ‘sold’, just ‘exclusive access’

This spin is being promoted: Gizmodo didn’t “buy” the lost/stolen/disassembled 4G iPhone prototype for US$5,000 … they just paid that money for “exclusive access” to it … that’s part of Brian J Hogan’s attorney’s positioning statement referred to here. Brian J. Hogan, a 21-year-old resident of Redwood City, California, says although he was paid by […]

iPhone ‘finder’ – a real sweet guy according to his attorney

Brian J Hogan, your fifteen minutes of fame start NOW. See Wired Records show a Redwood City address for Hogan about a mile from the bar where he found the phone. … His attorney says he recently transferred schools and will resume his college education in the fall. He has been working part time at […]

Stating the obvious/sympathy for the dev… uh, Gizmodo’s Chen

Far be it from me to leap to conclusions about a police investigation, but let me say in response to this: It’s Cannabis & Co – cops By Alanah May Eriksen | NZ Herald | Wednesday Apr 28, 2010 A national indoor gardening chain would not have turned a profit if it hadn’t been knowingly […]