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Listen to the spy movie soundtrack on this ad for the VYSK smartphone case

Making a buck out of people’s paranoia/rational fear of cyber warfare and espionage … and these (apparently) terribly insecure devices many of us carry with us everywhere. Vysk: Putting Privacy Back in Your Hands from Mustache Production on Vimeo. Read all about it: (not an affiliate link). – P Update: Audio of soundtrack here: […]

What is your phone and your internet connection blabbing about you?

Early in the second part of PBS’s (highly recommended) ‘United States of Secrets‘ documentaries, The Guardian‘s reporter Ewan Macaskill recalled Edward Snowden’s reaction in his Hong Kong hotel to a simple question: Do you mind if I record our interview on my iPhone?: Ewan Macaskill — excerpt from PBS ‘United States of Secrets’ part 2 MP3 […]

A useful video about iPhone photography apps

Courtesy of The Guardian via John Gruber (again!) Update: Here’s a list of the apps in the video and extras, plus, in comments, some Android alternatives.

Talk about image and editing power in your pocket!

Watch this short video ad for Bentley Motors, and watch the ‘making of’ feature at the end (starts 3’15”). Wow. Yeah, sure they use a bunch of accessories, but look at the quality of the images. – P via John Gruber @daringfireball

iOS7.1 features

These are nice improvements, in my view… I did the upgrade immediately.

Stop motion and plasticine always remind me of Wallace and Gromit*

Apparently for this LeAnn Rimes music video, “All Footage and Stop Motion Filmed Exclusively on the iPhone” … wow. From Jim Dalrymple LeAnn Rimes new video shot entirely on iPhone – The Loop via – P *

Fooling the devilishly-clever stitching-up process that creates a panorama photo

This morning at the Golf Club, I took this panorama shot on my phone. Whether it was that action that prompted it, the guy in the blue shirt decided to finish warming up on the practice tee and walked to his bag. Look at the result … Generally, the panorama ‘effect’ is pretty good. But […]

iOS7 — no worries

Every now and then one has to ignore the doomsayers. Earlier today I downloaded and installed Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS7 on my iPhone (5) and iPad (2). No issues. Of course, now I’m reading about a worldwide internet traffic spike and terrible delays and Apple’s servers being ‘slammed’ and yada yada … There […]

My daughter is still using this iPhone

I mentioned the misfortune which this noble iPhone 3G suffered. Well, it’s still going. – P Pic: At TEDx Auckland today.

Time to say goodbye … (Alas iPhone 3G, I knew thee well.)

I bought this trusty white 16GB iPhone 3G the day they were launched in New Zealand in July 2008. It survived a few close calls while in my care, but I passed it, virtually unscathed, to my darling wife … who used it for a couple of years until she inherited my iPhone 4 last […]

How many times a day do you look at your smartphone?

I drifted into a discussion last night about smartphone attention. A cited statistic ‘people look at their phone 150 times a day’ struck me as way over the top. But others disagreed. One (obviously a pitiful, addicted soul) even sent me a link in support: An Attempt to Validate the 150x Per Day Number Based […]

Ad as mini-movie

Nice tone. – P

Smart watch?

I own several watches. The one I use the most has a self-charging mechanism (no batteries, ever) driving a dead accurate quartz movement in a titanium and gold case with matching t&g strap. It’s very light and unobtrusive, except sometimes at night. The watch face glows in the dark — not the hands and numbers […]

I haz Vodafone LTE in Auckland

I rang Vodafone yesterday and agreed to the extra $10 a month to enable 4G LTE on my iPhone 5. I could see from their coverage map that my home in Howick isn’t “in the zone”, and my Epsom office is on the margin (as it turns out, no dice there either). So I’ve yet […]

Dodgy use of panorama effect = bent lighthouse

A friend, Mike, took this photo of the lighthouse on Tiritiri Matangi using his phone-camera’s panorama effect in vertical mode. Oops, he wasn’t quite straight in his ‘pan’…