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Learning from the NY Times soul-searching on digital media

Pretty hard to argue with Nieman Journalism Lab’s headline: The whole leaked report is worth a read, if you’re interested. [I downloaded it, and ran it through Adobe Acrobat Pro to de-skew and OCR the text. If you want a copy of that file (~20 MB) drop me a line — address at the ‘About‘ […]

Huffington Post ‘design competition’ backfires

If you want a laugh, take a look at how Huffington Post’s Tom Sawyer-like approach to getting a logo design for its politics pages — for nothing but a credit — went down. For the business accused of Unjust enrichment (even facing a lawsuit by bloggers who felt they were exploited by Huffington) to cast […]

Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post

Yeah? No kidding. “Inside Look: Bristol Palin’s Reality Show Is Not Very Real” And yet the page title says “Breaking News and Opinion on The Huffington Post”. Crikey. Tragic. – P  

The attribution argy-bargy. Recidivist HuffPo ruffles feathers.

A teacher of mine used to say: ‘The only person who knows how far is ‘too far’ is the person who goes too far.’ With respect, NO, sometimes it’s blindingly obvious for others to see. Such as The Huffington Post’s relentless ‘aggregation’ — ‘Driving traffic, Darling’, says Arianna Huffington justifying the activities of the largely […]

Harsh criticism? Or Fair?

Spotted this from Glenn Greenwald re TV personality Chris Matthews … Now, as I replied, some might see such a strident comment about a fellow ‘peer in the industry’ as ill-motivated unprofessional. Not me. I think someone paying attention to the ‘industry’ (like, in this case Greenwald) is obliged to highlight what you see as […]

Unjust enrichment? Well, yeah, maybe.

Remember when Arianna Huffington and her co-owners sold The Huffington Post to AOL for $315 million? And remember how some of those who blogged and contributed to the site out of a sort of collective, we’re a left-wing blog in a world of right-wing media altrusim felt a bit let down? Like the last thing they […]