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Steve Jobs RIP

Am so sad to hear this. – P

RIP Kerry Smith

I was saddened to hear yesterday that Kerry Smith had died. Like many, I’m sure, I liked her. As a broadcaster, Kerry was a true professional: warm, engaging, endlessly versatile and competent. As an actress she came across as wry and very funny at times, but, to me, always retained an edge of well-presented class. […]

Don McLean

There’s a very nice interview with singer-singwriter Don McLean over at the Sunday Star Times in the lead up to his NZ tour. I like what he says about not ‘explaining’ his lyrics after the fact… “Songwriters should make their statements and move on, maintaining a dignified silence.” I saw him in concert in Wellington […]

Steve Jobs

At my request, the board of directors has granted me a medical leave of absence so I can focus on my health. I will continue as CEO and be involved in major strategic decisions for the company. — Apple CEO Steve Jobs 17/1/11 Full statement at All I can say is I wish him […]

Leonard Cohen: A remarkable life. Indeed.

A dear friend gave me this terrific book for Christmas. I love and am inspired, challenged, chastened — simply moved by Leonard Cohen. (‘I know his melancholy is your joy, Peter, but can we change the music please?’ my beloved wife said to me once.) The book is a must-have for serious Cohen fans (and […]

Watch what you’re doing …

Larry Norman‘s name came up on one of my friends’ Facebook walls last night … I loved what this musician gave as his gifts — and his influence. He was a cool cat with great intelligence and, it seemed to me, a sense of mission and virtue. He was a gutsy individualist, a trailblazer as […]

Learning how smart our elders can be …

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned.” — Mark Twain That’s true. And funny. And then there are times when it seems the old […]

RIP Tom Newnham

This hero of the anti-racist protest movement (and so much more) has died. Farewell indeed to Tom Newnham whose book By Batons and Barbed Wire, about the 1981 Springbok Tour and the popular social uprising that disrupted it — found its way into many homes, including mine. He was an activist in more ways than […]

A sharp foil is a wonderful thing

I am reading and SO enjoying Your Movie Sucks, a collection of reviews by Roger Ebert. My goodness, he’s got the skills. Wonderful. A review of the collection over at Blogcritics includes this line: Like most critics, these negative reviews are an outlet for the creative side of Ebert’s writing to shine. That’s well said.  Yes, […]

Bloomberg ‘Game Changers’ video retrospective on Steve Jobs

Well worth watching… Bloomberg Game Changers — 48 minutes — 227 MB of worthwhile bandwidth. (Thanks to TUAW.)

Interview with John Sculley about the genius of Steve Jobs

This transcript of a recent interview by Leander Kahney with former Apple Computer CEO John Scully about founder and rescuer of Apple Steve Jobs is fascinating, if you care. Just one clip (seriously, go and read it): Sculley: It’s okay to be driven a little crazy by someone who is so consistently right. What I’ve […]

Mortality. Leave a legacy.

My family and I attended Malcolm Smith’s funeral in Howick today. Chances are you don’t know who Malcolm was. Don’t worry, he wasn’t famous or a celebrity but boy, was he a good man, and boy, did he contribute to his local community. Malcolm was one of those quietly strong, ethical people who make the […]

Poster boy Jim Parsons WINS!

How cool. Asperger’s poster boy Jim Parsons has won an emmy for his role as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory: Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series. I applaud this talented comic who has been a real ambassador for geeks and people with Asperger’s everywhere. Along with the cast and creators of the […]

‘Wretch of the week’ — that’s a nice phrase

I enjoyed satirist Steve Braunias talking with Radio NZ’s Jim Mora on his Eight months to Mars slot this week. As part of it, Steve described his own ‘The Secret Diary of …’ column in the Sunday Star Times as ‘Wretch of the Week’ and disclosed that in getting the voice of the subject right […]

Lying, my dear boy, just compounds the crime …

A while ago I posted a few thoughts: Potshots from behind a mask of anonymity are, by definition, cheap, saying in part… Internet anonymity has also clearly been abused by what I call cardboard cut-outs and glove puppets who pop up in online communities to anonymously denigrate their “enemies” without declaring their allegiances (or building […]