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What? A headache warning for Google Glass?

See this article Google Glass enthusiast: It’s not worth the headaches by C|net’s Chris Matyszczyk recording PR man Chris Barrett’s falling out of love with the Google Glass … in fact suggesting they should carry a health warning (!) … I think there should be a warning that comes with Glass; that if you start […]

Those Google glasses. Gee, you hardly notice them after a while …

Yeah, we’re not there yet. – P

Yet another beautiful model with the geek glasses

Remember I mentioned in ‘Trying to make Google’s glasses look glamourous‘ how the strategy seemed to be: Juxtapose beautiful women with the Google Glass in hopes for a bit of glamour rub off? Yeah, that. – P

Trying to make Google’s glasses look glamourous

I had to chuckle when I spotted a request online for a picture of someone ‘attractive’ wearing Google’s somewhat creepy wearable spy camera/computer — then saw the request responded to with this picture from Google’s original marketing material (i.e. a posed professional model): She’s gorgeous, no question. But, of course, she’s being paid for her […]