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Nice bit of work. He shoots, he scores!

I’d heard that Fox News’s photogenic and intelligent host Megyn Kelly (who I have before observed deny reality) categorically denied that Fox News carries pundits and commentators using Nazi rhetoric to hammer political opponents (which we sometimes refer to here as Godwin’s Law). Maybe she’s talking about a different Fox News? Here’s Jon Stewart, playfully […]

Godwin’s Law (again)

Godwin’s Law strikes again… What an arse, sorry, billionaire investor arse.

Godwin’s law

Sometimes falsely truncated to: ‘The first person to mention Hitler in an online argument loses’, Godwin’s law actually states (well, according to, gulp, Wikipedia): As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. I saw the misinterpretation of Godwin’s law: “first person to mention Hitler, Nazis, or […]