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Must-read essay on John Key’s proposed spying laws

New Zealander of the Year Dame Anne Salmond has used Prime Minister John Key’s own warnings while Leader of the Opposition about ‘threats to democracy’ to condemn his planned law changes empowering the country’s spy agencies. In an essay published by the NZ Herald today, the highly respected author accuses the National Party-led government of […]

Do you find John Key’s case for expanding the powers of the GCSB convincing?

Courtesy of the NZ Herald, Key: Cyber attacks, espionage targeting NZ Do you find that clearly-scripted (by whom?) statement convincing? Because it seems the New Zealand Law Society (hardly a bunch of far-left conspiracy theorists) doesn’t appear to: Here’s the New Zealand Law Society’s view: Summary 3 The Bill changes the Government Communications Security Bureau […]

Plain sailing?

Pretty sharp cartoon from Emmerson in today’s NZ Herald: But last night’s Campbell Live report on the GCSB bill featuring an international observer* expressing astonishment at the Key Administration ‘kissing the feet’ of Washington DC, tells a different story. Watch it: Dissecting the GCSB bill The team Campbell Live is doing a sterling job … […]

Dystopia and unease about the Surveillance State

How topical. New Zealand’s National government is currently pushing through (under urgency) law changes to expand the powers of our state eavesdroppers and spies (including the Government Communications Security Bureau, GCSB). NSA Whistle-blower Edward Snowden this week highlighted the ongoing operation by the US and its allies (including New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Canada, ‘Five eyes’) […]

This hoovering up of ‘meta data’ is getting downright creepy

Remember this map from my 2011 post?: Despite that, your honour, I wasn’t ACTUALLY there. Read this and tell me it doesn’t make you just a little antsy … The National Security Agency is currently collecting the telephone records of millions of US customers of Verizon, one of America’s largest telecoms providers, under a top […]

Nicky Hager on why John Key’s GCSB scandal just keeps rolling

Journalist and author Nicky Hager (The Hollow Men, Secrets and Lies, Other People’s Wars, Secret Power — last mentioned on The Paepae here) knows a thing or two about the state security/surveillance apparatus … and leaks. He was recently interviewed for a spot on Radio NZ’s Mediawatch (14 Apr 2013) on the subject of the leaked […]

John Key addresses Parliament on his earlier misleading statement about Ian Fletcher’s appointment

Here’s the NZ prime minister John Key delivering a ‘personal explanation’ to Parliament yesterday for his misleading answer to a question about the appointment of his school friend Ian Fletcher to the job of Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau, GCSB. Well, that puts that matter to rest, doesn’t it? Ya think? (What do […]

Sue Bradford on recent developments in the area of protest and state surveillance

Left wing activist and former Green politician Sue Bradford posted an article at Pundit which I’ve just seen. She shares several valuable insights. I recommend you read it. A bad week for left activist paranoia by Sue Bradford writing at Army to gain new powers over protesters; GCSB spies on New Zealanders; new single […]

Proposed merger of the GCSB and the SIS?

‘OUTRAGE’ is an overused word, bit it fits in this instance. The GCSB has laws banning operations to engage in surveillance of NZ’ers or those who have been granted permanent residence. They have been doing so for years, as part of ‘agency assistance’ to the Security Intelligence Service. One of the ‘balancing’ questions I ask […]