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Naked FB pic leads to jail. And exposure. Ironic

We used to joke, when I was journo in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, about the Christchurch Press‘s supposed slogan: All the news that is news. Eventually. In that same vein, late but newsworthy, it occurs to me to comment on the case of the jilted boyfriend who posted a picture of his ex-girlfriend naked on […]

Backstabbing, conniving, and insensitive — just what we need?

From a New Yorker profile of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: “He stole the moment, he stole the idea, and he stole the execution,” Cameron [Winklevoss] told me recently. The dispute has been in court almost since Facebook was launched, six years ago. … To prepare for litigation against the Winklevosses and Narendra, Facebook’s legal team searched […]

OK, it’s a little funny … Mark Zuckerberg wants privacy

On Reuters … Yeah, it’s a cheap laugh, but <snort>…“uncover unnecessary details about his private life” <chuckle>. Oh, poor Mark Zuckerberg. The indignity. I wonder how it will all work out? Lawsuits can be sooo unpredictable, I’ve learned.

Facebook leaks like a sieve (Part 2)

Sorry if this reads vaguely like an echo chamber, but it’s a point that bears repeating. Everyone has something to hide — or to keep private, which is not quite the same thing. This article Tracking the cyber footprint by the NZ Herald’s David Fisher sets out to reveal something of perils of posting information […]

The internet’s ‘completely over’ — or is it just blogs?

Here’s an alternative view of the growth of the interwebs … from Prince, whose new album is going to be a free insert in this Saturday’s (10 July) Daily Mirror. Interesting. “You must come and listen to the album,” he says. “I hope you like it. It’s great that it will be free to readers […]

‘Friends’ and enemies …

This looks like it could be a good movie. We’ve discussed Mark Zuckerberg‘s [alleged] personality issues before, and the ‘inside story’ on the [alleged] treachery and deceit at the core of the Facebook extravaganza has, as they say, all the elements of a ripping yarn — sort of a Raymond-Chandler-meets-Bill-Gates thriller. (Bill Gates has skeletons […]

Internet ninja cowboys … or schoolboys?

Hilarious! A few hours after I set up’s new Facebook page yesterday, overnight we had a sudden surge of email… with a lot of ‘Please confirm your subscription to our mailing list’ messages. It seems someone (who? I wonder) had a bit of time on their hands and submitted’s email address (not disclosed […]

New Facebook page for

We’ve set up a Facebook page for The Paepae … visit it here, if that suits you.

More opprobrium for dishonesty

America’s favourite whipping boy, once media-darling Mark Zuckerberg, ‘founder’ of Facebook, gets even more attention (below). I wonder how he’s coping? Facebook CEO Faces Accusations Of Securities Fraud Huffington Post | Catharine Smith First 05-20-10 05:38 PM It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook’s new privacy policies […]

Uh, kinda missing the point …

So there’s this like Facebook page, right? Where people like take a nostalgic look back at how Facebook used to be, right? Like before all the complicated privacy, breakdowns, and monetization issues and stuff? And you like click on it, right? But then, holy smoke, it’s sorta kinda like what direct marketers call a squeeze […]

Tweaking your Facebook privacy – video guide

A 2 minute guide from Huffington Post. Also useful (but a little out of date): 10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know from FWIW

Hello, Jason? Asperger’s doesn’t equal ‘sociopath’

OK, so we all know Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has a reputation for being treacherous and a bit of an arse, but this reference by Jason Calacanis to Asperger’s syndrome seems like sloppy labelling to me … otherwise, it’s an interesting opinion piece. A little self-indulgent, but that’s part of Jason’s recipe. Last year, when […]

Facebook Privacy options – NY Times graphical guide

Facebook, as we have discussed, is to privacy what water is to oil — i.e. no relation. You need to know this. The New York Times took the, um, time to examine and graphically portray the ‘options’ and ‘settings’ — their tagline: Facebook Privacy: A Bewildering Tangle of Options To manage your privacy on Facebook, you […]

When ideas grow into serious money

A very worthwhile article/extract on the mid-early days of Facebook, an extract from an upcoming book… From this: Zuckerberg decided to relocate his company for the summer to the promised land of technology, Palo Alto. Searching Craigslist, he found a four-bedroom house to sublet as an office and bunkhouse, and persuaded roommate Dustin Moskovitz to […]

Do I need to say anything?

Facebook privacy takes another hit | NZ Herald today: Facebook’s ongoing promises of online privacy took another hit overnight, as a software glitch led the social networking giant to reveal users’ online chats. Facebook was forced to deactivate the chat function once it was informed that the problem existed. A bug allowed those who followed […]