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When you can’t trust the Night Watchman. @MediawatchNZ on Duncan Garner’s spasm

Here’s Radio NZ’s Mediawatch review of the (let’s be kind): pre-reporting of a Labour Party leadership coup, and Duncan Garner’s part in further lowering the public’s trust in the media — if that was possible. [Discussed earlier in my post, Leave Duncan Garner alone! (And stop blaming the weed.)] It’s worth a listen. — extract […]

Leave Duncan Garner alone! (And stop blaming the weed.)

Let me say, first of all: I don’t know how long it takes to get synthetic cannabis out of your system, but I think it is grossly unfair of people who take issue with the accuracy of Duncan Garner’s use of statements of ‘fact’ (and his political sources) to keep referring to this: The latest […]

Garner: “@whaleoil lies again.” Surprise me.

Cameron Slater, of course, will be delighting in any consternation and outrage (read: attention) his agitprop provokes. Mission accomplished. As I have noted before, blogger Cameron Slater has ‘truthfulness and accuracy’ issues in my view. (Balance, obviously, one has learned not to expect from a partisan attack poodle like him.) Here’s TV3 Political editor Duncan […]

‘public interest’ vs ‘the issues that matter’

Reflecting on John Key’s clearly-scripted talking point before he ‘stormed out’ of a media conference yesterday, it seems to me the National Party spin doctors (and lawyers?) will be emphatic that their man Key NOT under any circumstances admit to any ‘public interest’ in the cup of tea tapes. Thus, the apparent attempt to smother […]