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Samsung Galaxy S III explodes in girl’s pocket, burns her leg badly

Back in the 1990s, like today, I was the proud owner of a procession of Apple laptops including, for a while, a PowerBook 5300ce — the model that was dubbed ‘the FireBook’ after a widely reported incident where one of them burst into flames on a desk when its battery (manufactured by Sony?) overheated. My […]

Not a bad looking logo

I like good graphic design. I pay for it on the books and other projects we publish because I think it adds something valuable. See the communication tag here at The Paepae for a few random examples of graphics that have taken my fancy. This logo (below) an Android Twitter app called Falcon Pro, appeals to […]

Interview with John Sculley about the genius of Steve Jobs

This transcript of a recent interview by Leander Kahney with former Apple Computer CEO John Scully about founder and rescuer of Apple Steve Jobs is fascinating, if you care. Just one clip (seriously, go and read it): Sculley: It’s okay to be driven a little crazy by someone who is so consistently right. What I’ve […]


Creativity — There are these AMAZING shoes… … which I read about in the New York Times: [Italian architect and designer Gaetano] Pesce’s new shoe for the Brazilian company Melissa — an ankle bootie composed of interconnected PVC circles, whose form can change at the whim of its owner with a swift slice of the […]

Nothing ‘new’ under the sun

Great minds think alike?