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Of trumpets

In response to Perry’s comment: “Anyone who finds it necessary to self-proclaim their religious virtue should be treated with great caution” Yes Perry, I agree – your litmus test is useful. But context is everything. A “mask” of self proclaimed virtue in business (or, more accurately, SALES, like the spruikers we discuss here occasionally) can […]

Dean Letfus: the reputation he deserves?

Someone emailed me a link to an article by property economist Gareth Kiernan of Infometrics in which he sets out to debunk (pull the legs off) arguments proffered by some self-proclaimed ‘property experts’ like spruiker Dean Letfus in defence of the tax treatment of property investment. …So I don’t buy into the whole “social service” […]

The amazing restorative powers of Snake Oil, oops, US tax liens – and a canine love story?

The repeated sabre-rattling (‘legal threats’) by Shaun Stenning and Dean Letfus sparked by David Whitburn’s critical blog on the NZ Property Guru’s [sic] promotion of US tax liens recently reminded me of an earlier incident involving marketing US tax liens as ‘investments’ to guileless New Zealanders … It led to an undignified outcome for another […]

And the spin goes on … Shaun Stenning’s latest

Here’s Shaun Stenning‘s latest effort to get the genie back in the bottle … by (again) threatening legal action and spinning a yarn about how copyright works. It’s interesting to see how he operates. Read the full letter here (160k PDF) for yourself and see how plausible you find it. Background: A bunch of very […]

Shaun Stenning: Monkey or Organ Grinder?

The recent flurry of legal threats (well, threats of threats, really) from Australian Geekversity internet marketing ‘guru’ and travelling salesman Shaun Stenning and local property spruiker Dean Letfus seeking to suppress negative comment about their joint activities (and, apparently, really embarrassing photos on Facebook) has got me thinking. Judging by accounts of Shaun Stenning’s unpublicised […]

No April fool, Dean Letfus claims: “DEFAMATION!”

The Jekyll & Hyde-like transformation of Dean Letfus into Phil Jones continues. Now, apparently, he’s sending half-baked threats of ‘legal action’ to people who point out his, um, inconsistencies … Earlier this week I pointed to lawyer/investor/whistleblower David Whitburn’s blog in which he shared his concerns about the way US tax liens were being sold […]

Wow. Dean Letfus = Phil Jones (?)

Remember my comment: “Choose your enemies carefully because you will become like them” ? Well look at this: Property spruiker Dean Letfus has replaced his old boss (and nemesis?) Phil Jones in a ‘venture’ promoting US tax liens to NZ investors. (This after Letfus comprehensively criticized US tax liens as a suitable investment ‘vehicle’ publicly […]