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Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request for a refund?

A heartfelt comment recently on an earlier thread suggests a mass rebellion of dissatisfied customers in Shaun Stenning‘s Twalk ‘internet marketing business’ in Asia. (Sometimes they use the brand ‘Snipr‘, I believe.) Shades of the Geekversity train wreck which saw demand for refunds sink that um, ‘enterprise’ with a AUD $5.5million loss. This smooth-talking itinerant […]

A denial and a clarification … well, not really

Just as well some people have such a GREAT sense of humour! It all relates to my ‘A little backlash?‘ post here on … where I suggested a possible interpretation of some innuendo-laden bloggings by property spruiker Dean Letfus about holding back dirt on a ‘white knight’ was that they referred to me. [Or […]

A little backlash?

The thoughts I’ve recently shared in these pages about the operations of certain very smooth salesmen have sparked a reaction of sorts. Oh dear. As might be expected, there are indications of some outrage and hurt feelings in the spruiker’s camp … and questions being asked, notably: Ouch! What the hell? What can we do […]

A gushing review from Steve Goodey

Well, the reviews are in: Wellington property spruiker and US tax liens “educator” Steve Goodey tackles the complex and intellectually demanding task of identifying the raison d’être of (If the name is familiar, I discussed some of his past … um … ‘activities’ in this post Property spruiker Steve Goodey: let’s join the dots.) […]

When ‘gurus’ attack — HOW you do it is important

From a review of The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life … It’s full of tips and advice but the one I like best comes from Buffett via Dale Carnegie, author of How To Win Friends and Influence People: “Criticism is futile, said Carnegie. Rule number one, don’t criticise, condemn or complain.” … […]

Lessons about lying from ‘expert’ Dean Letfus

Last week in my post about Tall Poppy syndrome being the last refuge of the scoundrel I mentioned property spruiker Dean Letfus’s apparent reluctance to answer criticism … What I DO find interesting, however, is that the spruiker in question, Dean Letfus, doesn’t actually answer my criticism — of (a) his marketing methods, (b) his […]

Tumbleweed Dean Letfus pitches the next ‘goldmine’

I take no satisfaction in being proven right (again) about ‘Tumbleweed’ Dean Letfus, the itinerant get-rich-quick spruiker who from time to time features in these pages. I observed earlier “He seems to flit hyperbolically from one cash flow generating event (for him!) to the next without much regard for consistency …” This afternoon a friend […]

Property spruiker Steve Goodey: let’s join the dots (Part 1)

A couple of days ago in my post Dean Letfus: change of heart or rudderless mercenary? I discussed the comprehensive about-face demonstrated by property spruiker Dean Letfus who criticised US Tax Liens as ‘snake oil’ — he even warned the investing public to steer clear of them and the (according to him) dubious characters hawking […]

Dean Letfus: change of heart or rudderless mercenary?

Property spruiker and self-proclaimed ‘internet marketing expert’ Dean Letfus gives me the inescapable impression of being rootless and slippery. He seems to flit hyperbolically from one cash flow generating event (for him!) to the next without much regard for consistency … or the trail of disappointment he leaves. (Examples here.) I have long criticised property […]

More property rights go up in flames in Fiji

Last week we discussed the (then) latest development in property investment in military-rule Fiji. A ‘stagnant’ resort development (Momi Bay) was seized by the government — over the protests of the receivers of Bridgecorp the NZ funder which held securities over the project. Basically, leaving them whistling. I also briefly related how property spruiker Dean Letfus […]

Oops. Another unpleasant surprise …

The latest in my occasional series ‘Unexpected things that can go wrong with your business or investment…’ Previous episodes: Your ‘clients’ may take legal action against you, en masse, causing your ‘enterprise’ to fold with an AUD $5.5 m loss and significant loss of your own reputation. Google may change their page ranking system to […]

Why are the get-rich-quick boys in such a HURRY?

Tim Burrowes, writing this week over at Aussie marketing/media website mUmBRELLA expressed this thought common to journalists everywhere: The substance behind the Photon gossip by Tim Burrowes June 17th, 2010 One of the perks – and frustrations – of being a journalist is that you often get to hear interesting gossip. Perk because it’s nice […]

No hard feelings – present some facts

I know the spruikers I take aim at here now and then feel hard done by. So do some of their fans. I’m sorry for their hurt feelings. I really am. But the way I see it, they make their own bed and lie in it (— or lie from it, one could say). Actions […]

‘Little known internet marketing expert’ ‘Mr X’ is actually spruiker Dean Letfus. (Oh, really?)

Less than 12 months ago Dean Letfus breathlessly told the world via YouTube how excited he was to have “discovered” the power of the internet through attending Shaun Stenning’s Geekversity weekend course — which it appears Dean Letfus and his mate Steve Goodey promptly started to promote far and wide as affiliates … ‘twisting Shaun’s […]

Review: An odious little volume

An intriguing document landed in mailbox for my review recently. It appears to be a guide to (supposedly) making money through the internet by adopting ‘blackhat’ techniques used by ‘YouTube Traffic Thieves‘. From appearances, this MAY emanate from spruiker Dean Letfus’s new business partner itinerant salesman and self-proclaimed internet expert Shaun Stenning (or perhaps […]