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RIP David Bowie

I actually, literally staggered when I was told yesterday that David Bowie had died. ‘Have you heard about David Bowie?’ someone asked me. ‘What? About his new album?’ I replied … then what a crash. Bowie was a hero to me, an artist whose influence was enormous in my life. I have written about him […]

Gerry Leonard guitarist

After watching that guitarist with Suzanne Vega in yesterday’s post about her new album, Tales From the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles, I got thinking, Gerry Leonard … Gerry Leonard … hmmm … and look: Aha! He’s David Bowie’s guitarist/collaborator on The Next Day, Bowie’s excellent album released in 2013 (discussed here and here: […]

Bowie ‘Lost is Love’ remix

A few days ago Russell Brown pointed me to this ten minute remix of one the good songs from David Bowie’s excellent The Next Day album (Jay and I discussed the album here somewhere.) I’ve had it on my phone since then, listening when I’ve been out working up a sweat … it’s very, very […]

Space Oddity (Chris Hadfield cover)

Commander Chris Hadfield has been a brilliant ambassador for Space exploration on board the International Space Station. His personality and engagement has shone through. This ‘cover’ of David Bowie’s song Space Oddity is wonderful. Millions have seen it and enjoyed it. I put it here as a tribute to Hadfield and Bowie. – P

David Bowie’s influence on acceptance of gay ‘lifestyle’

I’ve just watched this fantastic BBC 4 documentary David Bowie and the story of Ziggy Stardust (below) about Bowie’s emergence as a global pop star and, more importantly, cultural sensation and groundbreaker. I had all his albums. (On vinyl. Not an exaggeration.) I recall feeling anxious for him when I saw how skeletal he looked […]