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Robert Mercer’s gag reflex is alive!

Robert Mercer is a ‘hedge fund billionaire’ who has used his money to enable hate speech, white nationalism and islamophobia – mainly through funding the toxic ‘new media’ organ Breitbart News, and his financial backing for Donald Trump’s election campaign. Mercer family interests have also, it seems, until very recently, backed the rise of provocateur […]

Weaponising the web? Or just trolling?

David Carr wrote an interesting — and pretty balanced — retrospective on America’s recently-deceased right wing internet attack dog Andrew Brietbart, published in The New York Times over the weekend. Brietbart, perhaps more than anyone besides Matt Drudge, seems to me to have understood the practical weaponising of information-misinformation-disinformation-propaganda (call it what you will) using […]

Warnings of militancy. Not just an ultra-right thaang.

Yeah, I know these ‘White Pride’ types have been around for awhile, and will always be with us, but it still strikes me when I’m reminded about them, and sample their thinking … in today’s Sunday Star Times at the website… Joining Right Wing Resistance on the streets were also stalwarts to the white […]

Poisonous Andrew Breitbart – the attack was everything, the details nothing

A fitting obituary of Andrew Breitbart from David Frum includes a reference to ‘culture war‘ and how some protagonists fight it: Attack with an INDIFFERENCE to truth and fairness. … In fact, it’s hard even to use the word “issues” in connection with Andrew Breitbart. He may have used the words “left” and “right,” but […]