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Another con

In my in-box today … Does this con actually work? Have you heard of anyone falling for it? Really? Hi, Its me Mike I really don’t mean to inconvenience you right now, I made a little trip to UK and I misplaced my passport and credit cards,please I know this may sound odd, but it […]

Pattern recognition

An ADHD friend of mine, a medical doctor from New York, once described medical diagnosis as ‘pattern recognition’. That’s why, he said, a competently written computer-based questionnaire can actually be more effective at diagnosing medical conditions than a human being: because the computer will ask ALL the relevant questions, not skipping some that don’t seem […]

High profile conman jailed for at least 10 years

Apropos my comment yesterday about liars being stopped in their tracks: Go on working your con-game and feeding your lies to anyone who will listen … until you are finally exposed by inconvenient truth (like Bernard Madoff?) and STOPPED IN YOUR TRACKS. I heard this guy (below) speak once. He was very memorable. Highly engaging, […]

ex-Reporter Helps Convict a Con Man

No, not me. I have Google alerts loaded for all my authors — the search engine automatically sends me an email message with a reference when one of them is mentioned on the internet. So for several years, among the articles, interviews, TV appearances and reviews of my authors, I’ve also been getting alerts about […]