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Oh. A certain Food & Grocery Council member will be HATING this graphic.


Orwell on writing, sincerity and simplicity

Wonderful advice — especially in election season, when dealing with politicians and partisan nut jobs. – P Update: thinking about this reminded me of this just fabulous cartoon:

Lovely work from ProPublica: The NSA Revelations All in One Chart

The NSA Revelations All in One Chart —

“The more information partisans get, the deeper their disagreements become.”

From a must-read new article by Ezra Klein at Vox: How politics makes us stupid showing that often what conditions us to resist changing our minds in response to new information (i.e. learn) is partisanship … Imagine what would happen to, say, Sean Hannity if he decided tomorrow that climate change was the central threat […]

Spoofing the use of Photoshop to distort the reality of women’s bodies in ads

I spotted this wonderful ‘defacement’ of a fashion billboard image (in Germany?) It looks like the activists have pasted on a Photoshop toolbar. How wry. Given our discussions before about the use of Photoshop to create impossible-to-attain ‘role models’ (bleurgh) and the negative effects on women and girls of such distortions, it’s good to see […]

Misleading scale on women in business ‘infographic’ {belch}

Good on JK Keller … who said, rather nicely … … which, coming a day or two after Rebecca Wright tweeted this consciousness-raising Pantene ad, made me think … hmmm – P

Stop motion and plasticine always remind me of Wallace and Gromit*

Apparently for this LeAnn Rimes music video, “All Footage and Stop Motion Filmed Exclusively on the iPhone” … wow. From Jim Dalrymple LeAnn Rimes new video shot entirely on iPhone – The Loop via – P *

The place of ‘character’ and ‘voice’ in business

While I generally get on well with most people I meet, I can sometimes be socially clumsy, or gauche, and fail miserably in my communications from time to time (as some people are wont to point out here now and then, bless them), but I try to (a) be consistent — the same person in all […]

Spotted on a wall. Fill in the last part.

I saw this incomplete* slogan on a wall near where I parked for the Armageddon expo at the weekend. Looks like the ‘artist’ was interrupted, because a school caretaker would probably have made more impact if they’d been washing it off. What do you think the last word(s) would have been? – P * Or […]

This mortgage graphic bears looking at closer

I spotted this entertaining graphic on the NZ Home Loans website. If you understand mortgages, you’ll know the bank doesn’t own ANY of your home (as owner, you merely offer the property as security to the lender for your loan) but it can be good to have a sense of consciousness of your outstanding debt. […]

Nothing like a clear rule

Spotted this sign as we were paying for lunch yesterday. – P

Wow. British Wildlife Photography Award 2013

This photo by George Karbus won the overall British Wildlife Photography Award 2013: The beauty of Britain’s wildlife is celebrated as the winners of the British Wildlife Photography Awards are announced. This incredible encounter titled ‘In the living room’ was the overall winner and submitted by George Karbus who said: “Water visibility is always very […]

What does the fox say?

via Laura. Wow.

Subliminal messages

So, what messages is this law firm sending by having such an expansive “reception area”? Looks expensive, huh? (It’s just me sitting here at the moment.) – P

Speak up to save a life. (It may be your own.)

Here’s the link to the It Can Wait documentary