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What would you grab?

One of the unspeakably tragic deaths in the Christchurch earthquake was that of one victim who reportedly escaped from a shop with the owner, then ‘dashed back’ inside to grab her cellphone (perhaps to ring family and check on them/let them know she was OK?) and died when the building collapsed on her. We’re all […]

Christchurch earthquake

Gut-wrenching stuff. If you want to help, donate to the NZ Red Cross relief efforts.

Miracle escapes and sad fatalities

My family and I are feeling pretty subdued by the disaster in Christchurch. Miracle escapes and sad fatalities. We humans are resilient and fragile (another paradox). One can’t help but be positively impressed by the bravery and determination of some of the rescue workers … and co-ordinators/spokesmen, like Christchurch’s eloquent mayor Bob Parker. These are […]